Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a kitchen!

The Texas rains delayed a long awaited lunch at the beautiful country home of Lyndy Landlady but I was so glad we had waited for sunny weather. Rocking in the shade of her covered porch and gazing out over her pasture and woodlot made for a delightful afternoon.

But you want to see her kitchen!

Or do you want to sit out here a little longer?

Too early in the day for deer, I guess, so we might as well go inside.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Lyndy's kitchen is...well, I don't know. My eyes were trying to go everywhere at once - the sinks, the ceiling, the counters, the china. So I'll start with the sinks.

Yes, I said sinks. The main workhorse is a lovely copper farm sink, decorated with - what else - Texas stars.

A small bar sink, also star-studded copper, is near the stove in a counter between the kitchen and living room. Trust me here, I have sink envy!

Below: This bar, located on the back side of the farm sink counter, is in the formal dining area.

And while we're in this area, look up. A large copper square highlights the ceiling fan.

But really the copper is an extension of the kitchen ceiling decor. Oh, my. My photos just don't do the ceiling I'm getting dizzy looking up!

So let's look at Lyndy's china at the far end of the kitchen eating area.


A delicious, healthy lunch awaited but I just couldn't stop taking pictures. Lyndy's granite countertop GOES ALL THE WAY TO HER CEILING! Is not that divine?

The colors in the granite and the extra detailing puts this kitchen over the top!

And it wouldn't be a farmhouse kitchen without a huge walk-in pantry.

Lunch was delightful, as promised. Wish you could have been there, but oh, that's right. You weren't invited!

More darling details of Lyndy's house coming soon!


  1. Love the copper sinks and that pantry appears huge!

    Great kitchen. Counter to ceiling granite is pretty amazing.

    Thanks for giving us a peek.

  2. People actually invite you over? Wow! Thanks for the photo tour. Your friend has a great kitchen. The sinks are awesome and that counter to ceiling granite is too, too wonderful! When you come to my house, leave that camera in the car!


  3. Thanks for the photo tour, what an awesome kitchen, especially the counter tops and sinks! I would LOVE to be sitting on that front porch!


  4. Are those native granit or from some foreign shore? They are gorgeous.

    I love those sinks and the stars. Makes me nostalgic for home.

  5. I've been busy tagging people; now I can come back to read the actual blogs. Really unusual kitchen! Granite to the ceiling is over the top! As bold as it is, it also looks very functional. I like it on both counts!

  6. Beautiful kitchen!
    It's amazing how you Texas Women love that Texas Star.
    Can you imagine us Louisiana Women having Peliquins in my sinks??? and on top of my doors??? and on my ceilings??? Well, you get the picture. Ya'll are lucky!
    everything vintage

  7. What a beautiful home! I'm surprised you made it in the house considering the beautiful scenery outside! I must admit to a little pantry envy, I wish I had one!


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