Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peanut butter is not just for kids!

I like vintage things.

And I like peanut butter.

So this post is sort of like the peanut butter candy commercial that shows the kid saying, "Hey, you got peanut butter on my chocolate!" Only I got peanut butter on my vintage tin.

Ya see, I bought some great vintage tins at a garage sale last weekend. One, a darling deep blue number with a cute little tin handle, had a little problem. Dried on, vintage adhesive was across the front of the tin.

Not that I cared because I could just turn the tin around and display the back which had the same image. But it was the challenge of it all!

See the old glue? I mean it was baked on!

But I had read a list of household hints on Magnolia Memories blog and thought I knew the solution to the tin's problem.

Peanut butter.

So I slathered it on with a butter knife! Hours later I wiped it off and the adhesive looked only slightly different. IT Guy, looking over my shoulder, told me I didn't leave it on long enough. "Spread some more peanut butter on it when you make me a sandwich and this time leave it on longer."

Well, he didn't get his sandwich (his arms aren't broken!) but I did re-peanut butter the tin.

Two days later I wiped the goo off and polished the tin with a soft cloth and bingo! No vintage glue on the tin!

Here are all my new tins! Some cuties for a dollar each, huh?

So I went back to Magnolia Memories to say thanks and guess what? That hint wasn't on her list! I'd made it up in my head!

But her list of hints is still real good. Jump over there and tell her I said hello!


  1. Brilliant!

    I love the tin with the seahorses.....what a steal!

  2. And you accuse me of imagining things in my head!

    Brilliant idea, but lick that peanut butter off! That is a total waste of peanut butter! And it wouldn't break your arm to make that man a peanut butter sandwich! You can please your man in more than one way!


  3. Lick the peanut butter off and what about the old adhesive? Gross! Malisa, what are you thinking! Angie

  4. Sheer brilliance! I say the man should make you a sandwich! :)

  5. Great tins! I can't believe the peanut butter worked.


  6. Well, Angie, it would be a sticky situation! :) Talking about sticking to the roof of your mouth!


  7. Who has hoof and mouth disease?
    Great tins Cher and great idea!

  8. Wow, thanks for the tip and I'm IN the biz and didn't know about peanut butter or I forgot!! I have vendors in my store that will do dumbass stuff like put pieces of tape on old paper advertising, etc. I LOVE advertising tins, coffee tins, and lots more. I have a collection. I'll have to post a few of my favorites. And again, thanks for the tip!

  9. That's funny, I was thinking PB was going to stain it with a grease spot! What a great idea! Funny, also, b/c we've been going through Grandma's stuff, due to the fact that her house is for sale and we need to get it ready to show. I've been in vintage heaven! I'm the only one who liked sewing stuff, so....yep, I got some tins of buttons, a wonderful sewing cabinet that's been in my husband's family...I'm just going to have to share. I love heirlooms! I was arranging some of my tins today, so your post was neat. AND, I think I have the same pink one as you do! I need to go find something to put PB on, besides a cracker LOL.

  10. Exceptional Tip! Thanks!!!!
    One spread on the tin, one lick of the peanut butter.
    So how many licks does it take to remove the glue?
    Now I am all confused.
    everything vintage


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