Sunday, May 24, 2009

On this Memorial Day
I'd like to pay tribute to my nephew,
shown here on the throne of Saddam Hussein
(which shows a little about what that dictator was thinking),
and to all the men and women of our military, past and present,
who safeguard our country,
as well as to the wives, husbands, parents, and children
our military personnel leave behind
while they do their jobs!

Now on to our monthly make-over...
Grind out another lamp!

I love lamps and I've got lots of 'em. But that's OK because I have it on good authority (read Jen R. at Sanctuary Arts) that a room needs seven sources of light, including mirrors, lamps, and windows.

Combine that decorating tip with Candy's (from Junk Sphisticate) request for ideas on what to do with a rusty old meat grinder and I decided to feature one of my kitchen lamp on Sanctuary Arts monthly make-over.

No, the photo above isn't of Candy's meat grinder, nor is it of mine. In fact, I stole the picture (sorry, whoever) but I wanted to show you what mine looked like in its original "before" form...only with the rust. Lots of rust.

The wingnut-like thingy clamps the mechanism to a table or counter but to turn this grinder into a lamp, it has to go. You'll probably need to use a hacksaw to make it do so.

Removal leaves a threaded hole and that's a good thing 'cause now you're going to screw a hollow threaded lamp fitting pipey thingy (notice the exact wording in this post) into that hole. A lamp cord goes up through that hollow fitting and you then proceed to wire the lamp socket and fasten it to the grinder. Check the Internet on wiring lamps. I always have to look it up since with my dyslexia (read Alzheimers), I can never remember which wire goes on which screw post.

Now turn the grinder upside down so that it sets on the mouth where it once disgorged (yucky word) ground meat.

Notice the lamp has a short cord. When I made it, I knew exactly where I wanted the lamp to go - on the kitchen counter near a plug receptacle. I don't like a lot of dangling cords on kitchen counters!

I just realized that in the picture the cord looks like it goes through the grinder but it doesn't. I just hangs from the hole and travels behind the grinder.

Add a lamp shade and you have a neat lamp, if I do say so myself!


  1. Very cool...very different. I must tell you that I can't invision it in my house...but I like it!

    Hope you and the gang are having a great weekend!

  2. ANOTHER thing we have in common...meat grinders! No, wait, lamps! I love lamps and I love to make lamps! Meat grinders should be reserved for unfaithful husbands. I don't know what made you think "this meat grinder would make a cool lamp", but I'm glad you did! Karen always makes fun of me because I want to turn everything into a lamp...but never thought of a meat grinder! Oh, you know what? We are gonna make our vegan friend, Sue, sick talking about grinding up meat! Sorry, Sue.


  3. What a great idea for a rustic kitchen!

  4. That is so unique. What a neat idea! Jen

  5. This is a cute lamp, somehow it suits you, have a great day! Angie

  6. Oh my! What a super re-use for an old meat grinder. Unique and I'm sure it will be a conversation piece.

  7. Love it! It makes a great lamp.

  8. The lamp looks awesome Cher, very clever. And Malisa's description of the "meat grinding", well makes my stomach a tad queeezy!

  9. Love the lamp!! A very blessed Memorial Day to you! Beautiful post and photo about your nephew- a hero in all our books!!

    kari& kijsa

  10. Very cool re-do with the meat grinder and absolutely amazing picture of your nephew. Happy Memorial Day!

  11. Great picture of your nephew!!!

    That is one of the most interesting lamps I've seen. It's actually really kinda nice. Good job!!!



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