Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breakin' bad news on my blog!

I have bad news and I can't seem to tell my sista.

You see, Sis is madly in love with the Freecreditreport dude on TV. The bad news is that the guy on the commercials, Eric Violette, is a French-Canadian actor who speaks with a strong accent. Consequently, Eric doesn't sing those songs! Somebody else does.

Eric, cutie though he may be, only lip syncs. Sista's in love with somebody who doesn't even exist. She'll be crushed!

Heckfire, I was crushed.

It was like finding out your boyfriend stuffs rolled-up socks down his pants!

Or that your kid isn't enrolled in college like you thought and you've been giving him tuition money for years!

Or that PJ and Malisa are really...well, you get the picture. I don't have to divulge everything I know!

Here's Eric in the snappy commercials of a product I'd never buy. Be sure to watch the second video all the way through. It's a take-off of one of the credit commercials and has a darling ending!

Oh, and sorry, Sis, to break the news to you this way. Love ya, though!


  1. Well if that don't cock my pistol! See, I am in love with him too, so tell your sister to back off. My family totally understands my passion and do not even breathe when a commercial is on. I don't care if he lip syncs or talks in pig latin...I think he is one of the cutest things on TV, EH?

  2. So I thought I'd just poke my nose in and see what's what, and then I had to watch the videos 'cause I CANNOT walk away from YouTube...and since I was scrolling down anyway, I had to check out the photos and before you could say "Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care" (and P.S. I really don't care but I kinda wish I knew what the heck that meant)I was sucked into your blog.

    Now, I've lapsed into some kind of Texas drawl and I'm seriously considerin' adding copper somewhere in my kitchen. Very entertaining blog, TW...but I gotta go before I lose my Georgia creds :-)

  3. I've been down and out lately. Just now checking in and see that you almost told my secret today! Yes, its true...I am in love with PBJ...peanut butter and jelly! Oh, that was PJ? Pajamas? Whatever. Anyway, thanks for the tip on the writer's conference. You know I would follow you anywhere, woman!


  4. I like him too! He is just adorable especially when he does that goofy grin at the end of the latest commercial. At least your sista doesn't have a crush on the Geico gecko!

  5. Okay, I'll come clean as well, I think he's damn cute!

  6. Can't stand the songs! They get stuck in my head!!!!

  7. Oh my damn!!! Your blog posts are always a hoot!

  8. that's certainly one disadvantage of outsourcing


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