Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Want to have some fun?

I filched this idea from Malisa at The Renaissance Chick. I make no apologies for stealing. It was just so much dad-burned fun I wanted to share it with you...so it's your fault!

And anyway, Malisa won't care. It wasn't like I thieved her husband! Or her big white dog!

So go to the sites on the pictures and make some fun of your own!

If you see an eyechart like this at your doctor's office,

Dead animals here live...OK, this one doesn't make much sense!

I first saw an "undulations ahead" sign in California and laughed my butt off!

It's a joke, Honey. Really, I'm kidding.
No, I haven't seen a lawyer...yet.

This medal goes to YOU if you leave a comment.

If you don't leave one, bugger off!

What can I say?

I'll skip to the dessert, thank you very much!


  1. Okay, that's it! I am getting my big buffalo huntin' gun out and guardin' my dog and husband!
    Next thing I know, that Motel Sign will say:
    Cher is staying here...
    with her new husband, Lurch,
    and her white dog, Sweetie!
    No vacancy, Malisa.

    It was fun to do, wasn't it?

    Okay, girls, get over to The Renaissance Chick and read what Cher's post will be tomorrow! :)

    Damn 'Publican.


  2. I love the Undulating ahead sign. Haha too funny!

  3. Are you and Malisa like 2nd cousins twice removed? 'Cause you know here in Texas, we're all related in some way. Just wondering!!!

  4. You find the funniest things.


  5. I'll take the big ass margarita and the Blue Bell. Damn but I miss Blue Bell ice cream... can you believe it's actually *imported* here like it's a really hot commodity by some restaurants?

  6. Once again your fertile imagination
    has created something (even better) out of an idea that was already wacky & weird.

    You are always 'undulating' and doin' it live!

    I think your mesmerized readers have all figured
    that out by now. Keep it up.

  7. That was fun! Bout time your name was in lights! Do that on Tasteless Tuesday... How about Video Tuesday?

  8. This was a funny post, girl you are hilarious!! There I left a comment, now I won't be banned from your blog :) Or...will I!

  9. Bugger Off??? That's British for "Bite Me!", right?


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