Thursday, April 16, 2009

Milk run!

Now that we live in the city, running to the store isn’t the ordeal it used to be.

When we lived in the country, a gallon of milk was an hour away − 20 minutes to drive to town, 20 minutes back, and the 20 minutes in between that it took to walk from the parking lot to the back of the store where the dairy products are displayed.

I’m surprised my children weren’t raised solely on well water.

But when I started working at the BIG school in the BIG city, a grocery store was almost next door to my new job. If we needed something, IT Guy and I (we carpooled) would just make a stop on the way home from work. The farm was still 35 minutes away so we couldn’t pick up any ice cream but we were good to go for most anything else.

One evening as we stood in line waiting to pay for a few groceries, my mind was spinning, trying to think if there was anything else that we needed on the farm. A lady walked by with a bag of apples and my thoughts leaped to pie, a favorite subject in our home.

I turned to my spouse. “If you help me peel apples when we get home, I’ll make you a pie tonight,” I told him.

IT Guy hesitated and squinted his eyes, clearly torn between hauling hay for the cows or peeling apples and eating a couple of slices of warm homemade pie before bed.

“Mister,” the man in front of us said as he turned around and looked at my husband, “if you don’t take her up on that offer, I will.”


  1. Husband #6 maybe? Just kidding! That was a really cute (and may I add clean) story.

  2. Did he help you peel apples?

  3. LOL!! That reminds me when two total strangers in the produce department and I ganged up and threatened to beat the *produce guy* with a ten pound sack of potatoes because he made an off-hand comment about how *women just don't wanna cook and do woman things at home anymore*. I have more fun with people in the grocery store than just about anywhere else, lol.

  4. hahaha how cute!
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    trailer trash

  5. Smart man! I live in spittin' distance from a little variety store. It's a good thing because I'm always running out of milk.


  6. And I'll have a piece of that pie. And with all your talent Cher, are you saying you can cook too. This is me looking jealous!!!!!!!

  7. oooooh, you're making me happy! That's a great story, great writing. That's TEXAS story telling.... xo PJ

  8. A man after my own heart! Toss it all for a piece of pie.

  9. Cher, you have got to quit flaunting your talents like that in front of other men! What if your husband had taken him up on his offer??? You would have had ANOTHER man to take care of! Really, woman! And by the way, why didn't you just buy a cow?


  10. Loving it... girl I'd peel your apples for a pie!

    Hey - sorry I couldn't share more on my blog. Too many public eyes that could cause hurt. Big family trauma going on. Appreciate you asking though.

    PS... dad got home from his rehab today. LOVED his nurses so much he went to Target and bought them all $25 gift cards for taking such good care of him. Isn't that sweet.

    Your northern pal...

  11. Hi Cher, don't you love when stuff like that happens? Myself, I wouldn't have wasted five seconds before I answered YES. I'm sure that pie was delish!

    PS - Noooooo, I won't be watching Octomom. That lady has some serious head problems and I'm being kind!


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