Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Totally Tasteless Tuesday

DON'T scroll down if you are squeamish!

(Settle down, Cher. It's just a tattoo.)

DISCLAIMER: I closed my eyes when I posted this! I don't want to look at it again!

(Cher, if you can zipline with your eyes open, you can look at this again!)

No, I ain't lookin' again! Yowzer! In.san.i.ty!

Scroll at you own risk!

(Come now, Cher. Look one more time!)



Don't scroll! Please.

Please. Don't. Scroll!

This means you!

Crap. You scrolled. Well, I warned you. It's the latest thing in tats - an eye tattoo!

My apologies.

When you recover,
be sure to enter
(more than once if you'd like)
the Jo Barrett book contest.


  1. I would die on the table. Seriously.

    That's heinous.


  2. Ron White said it best. You can't fix stupid.

  3. What the freak are people thinking? I don't even like having a tiny eyelash stuck in my eye, let alone a stinking needle. GOOD GOSH!!!!

  4. Please don't let my granddaughter see this. She would do it in a heartbeat! Stupid is as Stupid Does!

  5. Ohhhhh holy crap on a cracker. Hub has had both lenses removed and "replaced" due to cataracts. I told him I'd just have to go blind. They did not even knock him OUT FOR IT. No.Freaking.WAY. Just find me a dog gimme a cane and teach me Braille.


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