Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Texas book review

Jo Barrett’s third book, Don’t Let It Be True, is truly Texan − wit-rich and revenge-driven. After all, the saying “Don’t mess with Texas” wasn’t pulled out of thin air, ya know!

Don’t is full of Texas high society sex and boot-stompin’ beatings but reads as smooth as the glass surrounding her blue-blooded characters’ margaritas. Oil heiress and philanthropist Kathleen Connor King, called Wild Kat by her lover Dylan Grant, is really a poor artist, having given away her inheritance to fund a pediatric cancer hospital. She’s getting by on her boyfriend’s family oil money − that is until his father dies and Dylan’s black gold reverts to its poker-lucky new owner.

Oh, the trouble that causes.

Jo’s first novel, The Men’s Guide to the Women’s Bathroom, has been published in eleven countries. Her second, This is How It Happened (not a love story), is currently being adapted into a screenplay. Jo’s a columnist for HTEXAS Magazine in Houston.

This book is a fun, fast read and I want to share it with you so….

...leave a comment on this post and I’ll put your name into a cowboy hat. Winner gets a free copy of Don’t Let It Be True! Contest ends April Fools Day at midnight!

And look how good your odds are of winning since so many bloggers are in Warrenton/Round Top this coming week!


  1. Okay, I'll bite!! Are you ever going to publish your book? Besides on your blog I mean.

  2. Sounds like an exciting book! What a coinkidink (use your imagination), I'm hosting a book give-away today too. Great minds think alike!

    My book doesn't seem nearly as exciting. It's all educational and stuff. Yawn.

    Make sure you enter me!


  3. Hooray! The BROKE section gets a chance! I want to read that book and lick that cupcake!

    See you tomorrow! (Bring the book!)


  4. I've really begun to like Texas books.
    Count me in.

  5. Hate to finally join in just to win sumthin but here am.

    I've been following you for awhile now and love your humor.

    I'll read any book about Texas. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll get it at the library should I not win.

  6. I got my hand up and I'm jumping up and down "CHER!!! Over here! YOUWHO! Choose me!!!"

  7. Did you erase me? I swear I did this already. Put my name in! I want to read it too. ~PJ

  8. My hypertension's already out-of-control, thank you. But put my name on yer 'hot' book list ennyway.

  9. I already read YOUR 'hot' book.
    It's the free sexy book giveaway I want to case I didn't make myself clear in the first post.

  10. I'm hooked on your blog. I check it everyday for the humor. It's like coming into work at Proske's One Hour Photos. Minus the work. And Bruce.


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