Friday, March 27, 2009

FringeGirl has
three jobs!

She’s a writer. A preacher’s wife. A mother of two. Maybe that’s not the order she’d put her simultaneous careers but that’s pretty much the order I know her.

In between interviewing fellow bloggers every Friday, FringeGirl writes funny columns on Hop on over there today and read her Q and A with me. Then read some of her old posts.

You’ll go back to read more!


  1. Thanks Cher! I enjoyed your answers immensely. You made me laugh like always.

    Is that the best picture you could find of me? -No sleep, no makeup, and a sinus doesn't make for a great picture. I'll forgive you this time. ;-)


  2. Thanks, Cher, for the 'lifeline'.

    You gave a completely entertaining interview.
    The things you can say with a straight face are one of your talents we find so delightful.

  3. Hi Texas Woman!,
    Came over from the domestic fringe to say hello! You seem like a lot of fun and after having a little look see, your husband seems like a big old Hunk of Honey! Best of luck to you.


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