Friday, March 13, 2009

Still playin' around
after all these years!

I was so excited about my new video camera the other night that I interviewed IT Guy just for fun. It is short and it is definitely not earth-shattering but I liked the finished product. It shows our marriage, a typical evening in our household.

Put your voyeur goggles on, listen closely, and see us like we really are!


  1. Good job. Again, you have one of the most
    consistently interesting blogs around.

    Who did the sexy voice-over for you?

  2. Aawwww! That is so sweet! You guys are still crazy about each other! I was a little disappointed that the IT Guy didn't answer Moonlight Hollow to the most famous blogger! :) The IT Guy has a charming you are a sucker for that smile! I like a man who calls his dogs "hound dogs"!

    I enjoyed!

  3. That was a sweet video! Your puppies are so well behaved, my baby would have been barking at the camera.

    Peace and Blessings~

  4. omg! are you two cute or what??? and the pooches too...Debra

  5. You did good! I'm so impressed. And ya'll had clothes on! You'll be dangerous now for sure. Isn't that the best camera? It's a hoot to play with. Now you need a tiny tripod... Doug'll get that next week. love ya, PJ

  6. That was the durned cutest thing I ever did see!

  7. What a cute video. I think the IT guy Likes you....:)

  8. You guys are a sweet pair. The dog's cute too...both of them.

    How many live animals do you have? Don't you have cats too?


  9. Looks familiar, I have dog and guy with ball cap on my couch too, very domestic. They both look really nice! Angie

  10. I had aproblem with the video at first, that was really cute, he was being very polite it was cute...


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