Monday, February 2, 2009

I challenge you... start an exercise program today!

Watch this video all the way through. This gal is in her eighties and you can bet your broadening bottom she didn't start dancing this year or even last year.

Balance, grace, agility, and, let's face it, memory of which steps go where were all achieved through practice and exercise. If you can't stand the thought of a gym, try an alternative exercise program.

Have you danced with a good looking man lately?

Thanks for the video alert, Joan.


  1. I'm ashamed of myself...getting off my wide hiney right now!

  2. Kahuna and I took Salsa lessons. They kicked us out for making too much of a rukus. It was great fun though. we laughed our asses off. Thus losing weight.

  3. Do they have a class in Terlet Tossing, Furniture
    Shoving or $#!& Stacking.
    I posted this, I thought, where in cyber space it is I dont have a clue.

  4. I got my workout just watching. Thanks for the sweating to the oldies. Debbie

  5. I must admit it's been quite a while since I've danced with a good looking man.

  6. There always has to be a show-off in the bunch.
    But, she certainly deserves her 15 minutes of


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