Monday, November 24, 2008

Refrigeration reconfiguration!

Living out his theory, "Household chores accomplished at one end of the house lead to more fun at the other end of the house," IT Guy cleaned out the refrigerators while I was at the grocery store yesterday.

Both boxes seem to collect expired bottles of yuck and goo, mere swallows of long forgotten wines, and colorful splatters of mystery marinades. He knew that between now and Thanksgiving I'd need every available inch of cooler and freezer space.

This time of year the shelves become a balancing act that circuses would pay good money to hire!

So looking at the shelving with a critical eye, IT Guy created a space that he calls a casserole hole, a skinny shelf designed to house those food containers that eat refrigerated room.

If a casserole hole isn't what you need, how about a deviled egg hole...

or a pie hole.

My man's a genius, and since he can't make it to all your houses to clean out all your refrigerators, take a good look at your shelving, ladies, and see what kind of refrigeration reconfiguration you can come up with before the Thanksgiving fill-up.


  1. This is exactly what I need to do to my fridge. My shelf layout just doesn't work for me and I'm usually too lazy to take everything out and fix it. Besides, I'd need to dispose of the science project growing in the container on my bottom shelf...gross, really very gross.

    Maybe I'll sweet talk my hubby into fixing the fridge. :)

  2. Are you sure he can't make house calls? He's a keeper for sure! Don't ya just love the leftovers? Now that you've got space to put 'em!

  3. That's what I'm doing today. I don't want anyone looking in the fridge and going eeew! You know visitors judge us by our fridges and medicine cabinets. Everybody peeks. Hey, if times get tougher you can always rent him out. Good idea to put the serving pcs. in to see if its a fit. Tn'T

  4. Well, yeehaw for IT Guy! He knows what a woman likes! :) Kudos to your resident genius!


  5. I cleaned out my fridge yesterday ,while my Hubby went to the grocery store. He does the grocery shopping, [for everyone that doesnt know] cause we would not be eating regulary. I did love the pie and egg slots. I will make a spot for them tonight.

  6. YIKES! So many of us doing the same thing! Out with the old, making room for the new! GOBBLE TILL YOU WADDLE!


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