Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Twas a good day!

I had a WhisperWood-kind of garage sale day today! That means I found some junk I love at great prices.

And I decorated the house for Christmas.

Yup, this tree is it! That's all I'm doing for Christmas, and I wouldn't be doing that if I hadn't found it at a garage sale today. Three bucks. Handcrafted. Made of sheet metal. Folds flat for storage. My kind of tree.

Let's face it, when you add three adult children, a grandchild, their friends, their dogs, m-i-l and wheelchair, and a turkey to our house, there's no room for a tree. I'll spray the house with pine cleanser or something!

At another sale I found this old copper stencil and frame (two bucks), along with the chippy lock box (1 dollar. I'll put all our remotes in it) and CDs (50 cents each. Village People are great to exercise to and Dr. Oz is the bomb). I want the letters on the sign to pop more so I guess I'll take it apart and spray paint the background black.

A return trip to that sale after the prices halved garnered this cigar humidor, complete with totes and cutters and lighter. Plus two still-sealed cigars. Five bucks. IT Guy and the boys have this manly-man thing going with cigars, sitting outside no matter what the weather and smokin' their sticks. Five bucks! Oh, and the Mexican table cloth for 75 cents.

The leather-bound Louis L'Amour were a dollar each. I love the green Ball canning jar, especially for a quarter. The old platter is crazed just like I like 'em and the price was like I like 'em too. Another quarter.

The chippy black and white medicine cabinet (four bucks) even came with a note:

"This medicine chest came out of the Centerville Texas Hotel, downtown, just NW of the square, before they gutted it and remodeled it into the annex it is today, housing county offices such as the Juvenile Probation, Extension Offices" signed JB.

The belt is to die for. From Canton. Five bucks. The blue and rust wire duck was different enough for me to buy at a quarter.

And that's it. I had an 'ell of a morning shopping.

Eat your heart out, WhisperWood!


  1. You did go Amy-style on the garage sale-ing. I love everything you got, especially the copper stencil sign. Very nice!

    Your tree is pretty great too. Someday I'll learn.


  2. This is exactly why I'm envious of people living in the South. It's so cold up here that all yard sales have come to an end until the trees begin to blossom.

    You got some GREAT deals! The medicine cabinet is awesome and I love the copper stencil & frame. The wire duck is nice too, but then I've got a thing for fowl.

    Nice sheet metal tree, but you're definitely going to need some of that pine air freshner. I'd decorate this weekend, but my house will be a little cramped for Thanksgiving and I don't want to add a tree to the mix just yet...especially with the puppy. :)

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. You did have a great day! Generally all I see are baby clothes & exercise equipment. Too old for either. Thanks for the sweet comments on our upcoming baby trashette. Debbie

  4. cheryls fascinating findsNovember 22, 2008 at 10:39 PM

    I'm with you on the whole tree decorating thing, I think decorations just clutter your home more then it is...LOL! I wait till the last minute and then I'm getting pressured mommmmm aren't you gonna decorate. Can't wait till they get their own place to decorate....Kidding aside... oh Crap, no I'm not.

  5. SCORE! I love your idea of one and only Christmas tree. I say the same thing every year, but still get in a holiday mood at some point and drag some of my stuff all out! We also scored big on an old farmhouse estate sale this weekend! Just stumbled upon it on a long drive!

  6. Wow, you did good! That's my kind of garage sale, too! Karen

  7. Well, yes you did! And I'm lovin' every junkin' minute of it! Love the copper stencil and the medicine cabinet! And nothing is finer than a 25-cent wire duck to get the imagination going! I can't wait to see what you do with all of your fab finds!


  8. Tin-sel for Christmas is good.

    Your photos are always interesting.
    Keep up the draggin & the braggin
    (on your GS finds).


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