Friday, November 28, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

Who got the bestest sale today of all?

Renee! That's who!

And there she is in the mirror with the mostest, dreamin' of puttin' this little beauty in her own home instead of puttin' it up for sale!

Because just look at the darling dresser that goes with it! And the side table (in two pieces for transportation)! Are they not the sweetest things you ever saw! I didn't take a closeup of the chippy pink paint over dark green but it is to die for! And just look at that wonderful paint job!

I do want to point out that I found them and sent Renee into the back room to buy 'em. I'm just wantin' to get credit where credit is due. After all, who doesn't like credit and credit cards!

And what did little ol' me get?

I found this giant, heavy, rusty floor jack!

Now those of you who follow WhisperWood (and if you don't, you should) might think I stole this from her but I didn't, although I do admit that without her post that included a jack just like this, I wouldn't have immediately grabbed it at the garage sale this morning. I loved hers when I saw it. I doubly love mine now that I have one.

My husband thinks I've lost my sanity.

Speaking of losing something and being insane, this is my favorite Thanksgiving picture. I'd dropped something behind my washer and grandson C-Bear, with an assist from my son Hat Dude, retrieved it for me.

No child or grandchild was hurt in the retrieval of this item!


  1. It's a good thing you had kids in the house or your item may have forever been lost behind the washer.

    Great dresser! I also love the bed. I really, really, want an old bed.

  2. I LOVE that dresser and the mirror,and the side table. I am trying to find a place to put them,but I am now looking to hang things from the ceiling.

  3. You post more then anyone I know girl, how do you do it? Tjat little dresser is to die for!

  4. In fact I'm always in such a hurry I can't even take the time to spell correctly....
    Cheryl again

  5. Well, you know things can get topsy-turvey when
    family shows up for the holidays.

  6. Now that looks like fun...can I come over and play hide and seek?

  7. Your rusty floor jack reminds me of the rusty iron ashtray I saw a little while ago in Carmine. Kind of neat from a distance, round loops around a central circle, but heavy (naturally, duh, being iron). Unfortunately, I'm allergic to ashtrays...

  8. That is a great fine! You two always find the good ones. Susan

  9. Cher, you did good in finding this treasure!! Ok, now Renee is going to have to part with something to keep this dresser. Hhmmm I know of several things she could part with, let me call her and see if she's in the giving mood :)

  10. Love the house jack! Isn't it great when you find something you'd seen and wished you had one! So cool! Thanks for mentioning my blog...that means a lot to me!


    P.S. Glad C-Bear and Hat Dude are safe! :)


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