Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hodgepodge - a motley assortment of things

Thing 1. FringeGirl at The Domestic Fringe knows the cutest kid named Abby. Abby is six and has cancer. Visit FringeGirl and read Abby's story. My Christmas present to myself is a check to that family and I'm sending it today so they can have a better Christmas!

Thing 2. My foster dog Bailee is living large in Dickerson, Texas, now. He has three step-cat sisters and a step-Chihuahua brother. His new uncle is a veterinarian. This is Tami, the wonder home-finder, driving away with him, to start his new life. His new daddy had to tell his new momma that Bailee has legs...she didn't want to put him down!

Thing 3. The cowboy boot mirror is done and ready for delivery. That rancher had great boots to work with. I love the cowhide, complete with tail, that he traded me for making the mirror!

Thing 4. "I learned the Russian word for snow today...снег (pronounced sneg)." From http://pavlasfamily.blogspot.com/2008/11/blog-post.html

So you can call me Sneg!


  1. Thank you for linking!!! :)

    I'm glad Bailee is happy.

    The cowboy boot mirror blows me away. If you didn't have a picture, I'm not sure the image my mind would have conjured up. The actually mirror is great - so unique! There's a lot of talent in Texas.

  2. Wow! That mirror! Beautiful, Cher! How did you come up with that idea? It really is amazing. Thanks for sharing the other items as well. The things you do for others really show how kind and generous you are. You set an example for the rest of us!


  3. awesome mirror.Have you made purses yet from boot tops? Love those too!

  4. I like the mirror! I've never seen anything like that! Great idea!


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