Saturday, October 11, 2008

Retractions, Corrections, and Benches

"You misquoted me on your blog yesterday," IT Guy told me last evening.

"I did?" I asked, innocently sitting down on the nearest bench.

"Yes." He paused to make sure he had my attention. "Technically, I said, 'Son of a bench! Stop making these dang things!' "

"What's the difference?" I said, doubting he had used the word dang.

"The difference is, I want to get credit for a great pun!"

Credit given, IT Guy.

Here are more benches. Thanks for stopping by. Do you want sugar in your iced tea?

I can't stand it when old fence wood is thrown out. I feel compelled to make something out of such good, weathered wood, so I have a fencebench in the front yard and a fencebench in the back yard, plus I've sold a few fencebenches. (Say that word fast three times!)

This bench is a favorite, mainly because the sides are shaped like cowboy boots.

On the seat of the bootbench, I painted playing cards. My daughter, Code Girl, says I need to paint another one. I'm one short, like that's news to anyone that knows me.

For lurkers who don't read the comments, I quote from yesterday:

Anonymous said...

Come, dear friend,
Let's sit a spell.
The weather's fine,
All is well.
We'll sip a glass of Texas tea and
Enjoy the shade of the kind oak tree.

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  1. The first one is my favorite! There is a place I drive by a lot that has an olden wooden fallen down buidling, with a sign on it that says private property. A gold mine in old lumber!


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