Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm a sucker for benches!

I love to make benches. If I'm not making them, I'm painting them. I'd make or paint more, but there's no room for another one around my place. Plus IT Guy has put his foot down.

"Stop making benches," he said. Or maybe he yelled it when he stubbed his toe on one he had to move so he could mow the lawn. With Texas summers you have to mow every five days or so, which makes for a lot of bench moving!

I found this old bedstead in the garbage at the local thrift store. It was even too trashy for them to resell, which made it just right for me! The trim around the edge of the seat was one of those pieces I picked up out of the trash a couple of years ago, knowing that someday it would come in handy. The green shabby piece next to the bench is out of IT Guy's grandparent's house. Renee yells at me to put it in the house, but I HAVE NO ROOM IN THERE!

I didn't make this bench. My step-mother gave it to me, and I painted it with critters.

The ancient farm equipment in the background belonged to IT Guy's grandfather.

You can see our leaves are starting to fall here. They don't bother to turn colors before they go down. If they aren't blown off green by a hurricane, they just turn brown and float to the lawn.
To be honest, I stole the critters out of children's books. If you're not going to sell the item you're painting (in other words, if it's for your house only), I don't think it's a copyright violation. If it is, sue me for the money I made from it, which is ZERO.I needed something on the seat so I made it into what we call a "Texas two-holer."

Come back tomorrow afternoon for a tall glass of iced tea, and I'll show you a couple of more benches.


  1. I love your benches - especially the headboard bench. So creative I just can't stand it. I'd love to have one of those myself! Thank you also for stopping by and your comment on my pumpkins. ;)

  2. Come, dear friend,
    Let's sit a spell.
    The weather's fine,
    All is well.
    We'll sip a glass of Texas tea and
    Enjoy the shade of the kind oak tree.

  3. I LOVE the bed frame bench! That's such a great idea...mind if I borrow it?
    That's exactly the kind of decorating I like to do in my house. Some think I'm a little nuts, but I love old and unique things.
    Great painting by the're really talented.

  4. I LOVE that top bench. It's fabulous!!! You are very talented!

  5. You are so creative!

    I am on post #99 so stay tuned. :)

  6. so cute,you're really good at this...anniepoo


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