Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mural art in Waco

I love going to restaurants. Oh, yeah, the food is great - mainly because I don't have to cook it. But it's the decor that pulls me into the same food establishments time and again.

I'd never been to the Ninfa's Restaurant in Waco before Saturday, but you can bet I'll be back. The food was fine, but the murals on the walls were outstanding!

Check out the folds of the wrapped-up curtain above. And those shutters. Wonderful, tedious work in a precarious place to be doing something like that. It was two stories up where flooring didn't exist. It's not like the artist could stand back and see if he or she was getting things just right. This little boy was between the restrooms, and from the look on his face, he needed to use one. Sweet painting with his belly button showing and the dog's paws repeating the placement of the boy's hands.

One might think the brick was real, but look at the girl's arms leaning over the sill. The brick were fake.Here's another one that shows how well done the brick is.

And I couldn't pass up a shot of this lovely piece. I want it for my own cantina.


  1. Amazing murals. The one with the little boy and grandfather looks 3 dimensional...like you could step into it. I'm always amazed by people's artistic talent. I stick to paint-by-numbers.

  2. Makes me miss the great Mexican food in Texas!

  3. Does Ninfa's at the new CS location also have
    murals? I think the quality of the food at the
    'branch' restaurants has declined from the
    standard set by the original in Houston, but
    I'd go just to enjoy the paintings.

    Check out the Aztec sacrifice mural at
    Mi Cocina on Southwest parkway...just don't sit
    too close !! I thought that was the kind of 'art' in all Mexican restaurants. Your examples
    are A LOT classier--as well as your choices of
    Mexican eateries, apparently!

    Do you have something in mind for your own


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