Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blogship Day in Waco!

They blog when they’re drunk,
These friends of mine who junk,
Surrounded by their rustic stuff,
Pounding computers in the buff.

Talkin’ Trash and Rockin’ M,
Garden Girl and Renee La Fem.
Takin’ photos for their blog,
Each a creative epilogue.

Thank you, ladies, for a wonderful blogship day

in Waco at Bloom and Bee Swanky Antiques.


  1. You're welcome. Hey, you were supposed to crop, crop, crop.

  2. Looks like you ALL had a great time! You ladies are making me want to visit Waco. I think you've got all the good "junk" down there.
    The poem is super!!

  3. Sounds like a blasts! Wish I was in that climate - we're happy with 50 degrees today! Jennifer


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