Sunday, September 21, 2008

When you've decorated every other room...

I’m convinced the laundry room is the least decorated room in a house. And why not? It’s a work room, not a place to relax and read a book. It’d be like hanging pictures in the garage. Who's going to see them?

But we’re changing our ways…in laundry rooms, at least.

Because that room is traditionally a blank canvas, I treated it as such at our house and got out my paints and brushes. I painted a portrait of our little dog Sally hanging from a towel and just continued painting around the room until I got back to her. Then I got out my ant stamp, which I love, and placed ants along the clothes line. I even incorporated my hanging dusters into the painting by pretending they were attached to the clothes line. I also used the painted rope to spell out the words Laundry Blues.

And that was my downfall. One day C-Bear, my grandson who was about ten at the time, came into the kitchen and asked, “What's 'laundy' mean, NaNa?”

“I don’t know. What?” I said, thinking it was a ten-year old’s joke.
“I don’t know either,” he said, with a gotcha smile, “but you painted it on the wall in there.” I hustled into the laundy room…I mean, laundry room to view the mistake for myself. Sure enough, I had dropped the consonant. Paint brushes don’t have spell check.

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  1. Very cute and such a great job. I love the creativity in such a not fun place to make it fun! :)


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