Saturday, September 20, 2008


Want a peek at my office?

Here it is.

It's also our entry hall.

And my book shelf.

And where IT Guy hangs his hat.

Well, maybe you need more pictures.

Open up the armoire and suddenly the oversized entryway turns into a handy place for me to write. We have a real office, but that's where IT Guy hangs out and has his two (yes, 2) computers. Our real bookshelves are there too but no TV, and I like to watch it while I work. The office is also very messy, so I'll show you that last. Maybe you won't read that far and will still respect me and my housekeeping skills!

I've had this old wardrobe for years and years, way before computers were in every home. It's lived in several rooms, stored many types of items, but I think it's finally found its niche. It already had the storage bins and mirror, but I installed a set of drawer runners, put a piece of plywood between them, and magically, a laptop shelf appeared. The runners allow the computer to be pushed in so that the doors can close at a moment's notice or upon the ringing of the doorbell.

It's handy all right, with plenty of space to store my research, my signed baseball, my Blake Lewis CD, and my stapler. Someday I'll show you what's reflected in the mirror but not today. And yes, that's a cowhide on the wall. (Eventually I'll do a whole week on all the dead things in our house. I bet you just can't wait. The place looks like a Texas bar-b-que restaurant gone mad!)

Where's the bookshelf? The old washtub up on top of the armoire. Renee said I had to do something with all my garage sale books stacked up there, so I decided on the tub.
And here's the real office. I told you not to read this far!


  1. The house looks totally relaxed and inviting. And it was thoughtful of you to have provided your guy his own special IT workspace, when the goings on become too distracting at ground level in the official office.

  2. That's an unique place to keep your office. Love your idea!!

  3. How can you write at the front door? And watch TV? Oh, you're talking about the blog... where's the serious sex novels happen,no no no.. not happen, written.. just written. Don't you need to concentrate to write that stuff? Like with the fan on? Cold water spritzed on your face from time to time... or is it moment to moment... it's been so long I can't remember how this goes... what were we talking about?


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