Sunday, September 14, 2008

More impressive in person

IT Guy and I went to Houston today...along with hundreds of other stupid people. WE went to get our daughter, Code Woman, and our grandson, C-Bear, out of a very sticky, hot, exhausting situation. I don't know why those other fools were going.

It was an interesting ride, viewing the damage from our air conditioned car and knowing we'd be back home shortly to a house with power, running water, and unspoiled food. Even The Dog-From-Hell-Who-Hates-Me was happy to be going home with us. The-Dog-That-Loves-Me was left behind in Houston with Code Woman's ex-husband T-Man (I have a complicated family), who was helping his dad whose home had lost the roof. He’ll be up later.

The damage to Code Woman's house and yard was more impressive in person, but I took pictures, anyway, for you to see. Her home was only one of thousands with the same ruinous landscaping, broken windows, de-shingled roofs, and damp interiors.

But at least Houstonians can say, “I survived Ike.”


  1. Oh dear! I'm glad she's able to go somewhere for awhile. I'm glad everything is okay at your house.

  2. "I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it." - Abraham Lincoln "

  3. It's funny that even the dog knew better to bite the hand that was not only to shelter him but feed him. Sorry to hear about the storm affecting your daughter. Hopefully before long they will be back to normal!! Lucky you with lights...


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