Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saddle up...

...up on the wall, that is.

This championship saddle was found at - where else - a garage sale. It was their grandpa's and they were tired of hauling it from house to house with every move they made. They had long ago cut the stirrups off for easier storage.

I saw a saddle mounted like this in a sales brochure once. They wanted well over a thousand dollars for it. For fifteen dollars I knew I had to try duplicating it. I burned out the motor of my jig saw and broke two jig blades and three hacksaw blades, but I finally had two separate pieces of saddle. I felt like a doctor just out of surgery.

Then I lined a frame with barnwood, built a shelf and covered it with burlap and the green saddle blanket, then screwed the saddle from the back onto the barnwood. The saddle was then lined with old rope to cover defects, and we hung our 3-D piece among other works of art behind the couch.

This piece is great for a western house. My challenge to you is to think of other things that can be cut in two and mounted in a frame for 3-D art.

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  1. My OH would totally dig this. He used to rodeo and at one time, we had a cutting horse. OMG-when I think of the money we spent on that horse that I could have bought stuff with-sigh! Deb

  2. When "a saddle between [your] legs"
    is no longer feasible...
    cut it, patch it and mount it.

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    It looks great Cher, I do hope it isn't a slick fork. I have know folks to mount a (as in one) saddle bag. I have also made pommel holsters. If you find a slick fork under 100.00 regardless of condition I would be interested.
    It's nice to see you back. Hope to see you posting more often.

  4. Hello! I just found your blog and have spent 2 hours reading through the archives. You seriously crack me up! Even the cancer posts made me laugh and I didn't think they could - My mom had double mastectomy surgery about 3 weeks ago. Anyway - just wanted to say hello and encourage you to keep posting. You have a gift!
    Austin, TX


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