Monday, July 23, 2012

Long Texas Tale of a Windmill Tail

Ever fall in love with something that (a.) you didn't have a need for, (b.) you didn't have space for, and, most important, (c.) you couldn't have?

That's what happened to me and this grounded windmill on my friend's dairy farm. Oh, I coveted their antique windmill. But they loved it too.

Years passed. My friends closed their dairy and bought a deer farm. Their windmill love transferred to TWO working old windmills on the new place, freeing my grounded love for display in my new home.

It flew into the house on rays of sunshine and the strong arms of Juan Good-Guy and two of his friends.

Since it's eight feet across, the windmill was relieved of three of its blades to fit through the doorway but they were immediately replaced.

The vintage sculpture wasn't finished but other projects needed to be completed. It was enough for me to see this much in place.

(To be continued tomorrow.)

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