Monday, June 4, 2012

Reluctantly white!

You know that I paint ANYTHING that holds still!

But I also love the natural aging of things, like the patina on my in-laws first bed.

For years we used it at the old house as a firescreen but it was too big for the fireplace in the new house.

And then I saw THIS on Pinterest:

Absolutely beautiful!

I HAD to have a gate like that!

So after minimum pleading on my part, Juan Great-Handyman made me one out of his parent's bed.

Oh, I loved it!

It made my heart sing!


it disappeared into the colors of the landscape.

Reluctantly, I painted it white like the board fence.

Much better! 

And to keep little doggies in...

I backed the gate with welded wire.


The old chain also held a gate shut on Juan's parent's farm years ago.

There was only one thing left to put this beauty over the top...

...and they come around every night before sunset.

Ain't country livin' grand!


  1. What a clever idea Cher! I'm so jealous, all that land and space AND a talented husband. I'm happy you have carved out a little piece of paradise that you so love. You deserve it my friend!


    1. I love that you read my blog. I'd also love a visit from you! LOL

    2. What a great idea, something's are meant tobe it does look great with the fencing painted white too. It must be so lovely 2 live in a place like that Kay.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful gate and a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your beautiful gate! You must have one of the most wonderful husbands ever.


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