Monday, May 21, 2012

More chalk paint magic!

I had looked at every garage and estate sale, asked every hoarder friend (of which I have many!), and checked out every antique store...twice...when there it was. 

The perfect size. The perfect shape. The perfect dining room buffet, just waiting to be rejuvenated into the perfect bathroom vanity.

And I was just the woman to do it! 

So once again I pulled out my Annie Sloan Duck Egg Chalk Paint and performed Annie Sloan magic.

Since it was going to be used in the master bath, I made sure it got a GOOD waxing, first with clear wax, then with dark wax, then with clear again.

I needed, of course, the perfect sink for the piece. Really, I needed TWO sinks. I had to get twice as lucky with the sinks but with the help of the gal at my plumber's supply house, I got these two beauties, which are discontinued models. Isn't that always the way it goes? She really came through for me.

The shower curtain is a Wal-Mart cheapie but I love it. It ties together the the chalk paint colors and the flooring. Don't hate me for going to WM this once!

Next post? Lighting for this room. You won't believe it!!!

No, not these lights. You'll just have to stay tuned!


  1. You did a great job Cher! As you know, we sell Chalk Paint at our store so I've had to learn the drill about the paint and wax, etc. Some of our customers freak out when I tell them they are going to use dark wax, they have to use the clear wax first. How much is the Annie Sloan paint selling for where you are? Just curious. Again, your bathroom looks damn good girl!!

    Take care my friend,

    1. About $35 as I remember. I get it at WonderFaux in Houston. She also sells at Warrenton/Roundtop festival. A GOOD tip from her is to wash the wax brushes in Dawn Dishwashing soap and hot water. Really gets 'em clean without chemicals. Wish you lived closer, friend, (for more reasons than one) so I could start teaching for you!

  2. What a beautiful transformation! I absolutely love that you used a buffet and turned it into a vanity, great look, you truly are The Texas Woman!

    If you get a minute to stop by, I would be honored to have you share this at my weekly Chalk Paint link party.

  3. After reading your blog I have bought some Duck Egg Chalk paint to give it a try. Love this color and the look it gives.

  4. Hmmm. This may be a second post... Anyhoo after reading your blog I went straight to Wonderfaux to buy some Duck Egg Blue paint and wax. Didn't get the dark wax and I am now kicking myself. But I have to go out that way again very soon so I will get it then. Love what you are doing in your house.

  5. And a perfect clock for that 'look'.

  6. It looks beautiful. Amazing transformation with just Annie Sloan Chalk paint and Wax!


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