Friday, September 10, 2010

My sister came to Texas and kicked my fairy "tail"!

You know how it is when you have the feeling that something’s wrong but you can’t, or won’t, figure out what it is, don’t you? That’s how I was feeling. Not good or bad. Still doing the things I knew I should be doing but things just weren’t right with me.

Then here comes Sis*.

Like the Dog Whisperer, she observed my behavior. Then Sister Whisperer that she is, she sits me down for a talk. Physically, she says to me, you don’t have cancer. But mentally, you still have it.

My eyes opened wide and I started to object and defend myself but I couldn’t. I knew instantly she was right. I still think of myself as having cancer. Of course, barely two months out of treatment, and with scans and checkups popping up every three month for the next couple of years, it’s understandable. But that’s not how I want to live the rest of my life.

I’m cancer-free. Period. No "at the moment" added.

I’m cancer-free and going to live like it!

I’m painting pretty pictures every day I possibly can.

I’m designing our new house for our new piece of land.

Maybe it’ll be a bed and breakfast. Who knows but I’m living in the future from now on. I never realized how important that is. Yes, I’m living every day fully too but without tomorrows, "every days" aren’t whole.

How are you living your life?

*Sis had great scans at MDAnderson herself. Her lung tumors are almost gone. She’ll remain on this current chemo, which seems to be working miracles, for another four month, then she’ll come down from Denver for more scans…and hopefully, won’t have to kick my fairy "tail" again.

Love – and I do love you all,


  1. So glad your Sis was there for you! Can't wait to see you, so looking forward to it.

  2. Glad to see back to blogging. Love the longhorn picture. Can I have it? LOL
    Love you, xoxoxoxo

  3. Wow! Powerful message, Cher! The painting is awesome!

  4. Your painting is AMAZING! Super talented. Glad you have tomorrows back.


  5. Good for your caring Sis! She is so right...and you are so wonderful! Your new attitude is fantastic and I need to adopt that attitude myself! Hooray for the new house in the works and I can't wait to see it! Your art work kicks butt...big longhorn butt! What a talented woman!

    Love you girlfriend!


  6. Aren't sisters awesome?!?!?

    I'm so glad to see your "tail" getted a good way!

    P.S. the longhorn is AMAZING!!!
    Sending many hugs and kisses!!!

  7. Thank God for sisters...especially those who aren't scared of us! She must be a humdinger just like you.
    I've always concentrated on "today" but after reading this, I have a whole new way to view "tomorrow". My grandmother always said to look to tomorrow was borrowing trouble, but I do believe she was wrong and you, my friend, are 100% right. (Gosh, you have no idea how hard that was to're right and I'm wrong! Don't let it get out 'kay? I got a rep to protect!)
    You listen to me and you listen good. You done gone and throwed down the gauntlet girly girl, so I hope you'll be ready to eat crow in your dish that you're planning to bring to SweetT 'cause IT IS ON!
    Love, love, triple love you!
    P.S. You should think about having a art show or retreat at your new digs. What a gorgeous background and what I don't mean the rump on Bathtub Bertha!

  8. insert "is" in that last sentence, she says meekly.

  9. Dang, girl! The art work is a gift. You know? Family. I am so glad to hear that your sister, who of course is the voice of experience, opened all of our eyes. Good stuff. Hugs to you. See you soon! ~Mindy

  10. Cher's back! Bigger, better and stronger and I LIKE having Cher back!! What a beautiful post from a beautiful person both inside and out! Thanks for touching my heart today! Love to you and your sister, and keep enjoying life each and every day!

    Take care, Sue

  11. YaY! Cher is back! Better than ever!! Love, love your painting,,, wow... and I love your pic. Short hair is so in these days.... You look marvelous and now with that great attitude from this point on you are woman and we hear you roar!!! Love you in all your glory. Prayers for your sister and her struggles... hugs, Lori

  12. Cher, WHAT an Inspiration you and your sister are. I admire your courage and WOW, look at that talent. Not only can you write, but look at you paint. AWESOME! So glad I stopped by.

  13. you are back and as sassy as ever, loved the long horn, looking forward to more junkin. can't wait to see what you find for the new digs.

  14. Way to go Sis!!! Glad you are on a new path and living life to the fullest. God bless you and your sis. I look forward to seeing the house project!

  15. Delighted to see you post again, Lady. Any chance 'Tasteless Tuesday' will be back this week?
    Please, Please, Please come back to Writers! We need you as much as we miss you.

  16. I believe that lady longhorn manifests the dogged
    determination you embody.

  17. WELCOME BACK Cher.....I am so happy to see you have been dreadfully missed here by so many of us! I have been checking in from time to time, and was sad to see an empty you have filled the silence with your amazing and talented writing. Thank your Sis for that butt kicking from all of carry on and LIVE YOUR LIFE!!


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