Friday, March 26, 2010

De-Boob Job Monday!

Monday is part one of my breast cancer project conclusion. The left beauty will go on that day.

April Fools!

No more beautiful aspirin on the left knee for me after Monday!

Silly. Did you really think those shadows were my boobies?

Right mastectomy (part two) late in April, hopefully. Have to see what the pathology reports says first.

Wish me and my knees luck!


  1. Well yes, me being blonde AND a dumbass, I did think those were your boobies! Pretty clever girl. I hope you know that my thoughts (even if they are airheaded ones), my prayers, and all my good karma will be going your way on Monday!! You take good care of yourself my friend, okay?

  2. Oh, girlfriend, have you taken lots of real photos to put in your "mammary" book?

    Lurch has left the hospital and left center stage to you and you alone. You are the star! I am sure your performance will be super mammaroable! You just remember that we are all giving you a standing ovulation...I mean ovation!

    Do you know which building you will be in? Please keep us "abreast" of the news!

    Love you!


  3. If the Shadow was really your "Superstructure" Helene wouldn't have let me look. We are holding the good thought for you on Monday.

  4. I was going to say, "why Cher!!! you are soooo perky!!! (and the air must be cold).
    I got you on that prayer chain leading all the way down there! Please let us know how you are doing even if you just say hi... We are all holding you in our hearts baby girl...

  5. So much love and good luck go to you from me for Monday and the days after.
    Love Ya!
    Judy J.

  6. Prayers and good wishes are headed your way.
    You will feel them in the wind.
    No step for a stepper-


  7. Will say extra prayers for you & yours on Monday! Keep the faith & humor!

  8. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers, Mondays and most days.

  9. You're losing your boobs, but not your sense of humor!

  10. You as always made me 'bout pee my pants....
    love the shadows of the knees.
    Too much!!
    Just wanted to say that I admire you so much and that you are in my prayers always. You have such a wonderful attitude..after this you need to write a "how to book"...on how to lose your boobs and find you sense of would be so wonderful to share your laughter with everyone going through the same journey as you!

  11. It's true that laughter is the fastest way to's the best medicine and you sure do have the sense of humor to heal. Bless Your Heart and Your Journey to Health

  12. Love your work! As always... you are in my thoughts.

  13. Great shadow art! Lifting you up Cher. You will be in good hands at Anderson. Thank you so much for keeping us posted.

  14. Much love and many prayers heading your way.

  15. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you!!! Praying the the big guy upstairs is looking out for you. I love that you still have such a devine warped sense of humor. Love ya girl!

  16. Just wanted to report surgery went great. She is staying overnight in the hospital as planned. Very little pain so far. No upset stomach. She should get out of the hospital in the morning.

    - Lucky Juan

  17. I agree with VGAH...I smell a book. You already have a cover photo...time to step out of the shadows and get to work. I'll buy the first copy...autographed of course!
    P.S. Sometimes I forget who is holding who up or you!


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