Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Christmas Story - NOT!

Our little dog Joey is a revenge shitter. When things don’t go his way, he pops a poop.

For example, when Juan-in-a-Million and I want some alone time, we lock the dogs out of the bedroom. For a while Joey protests as loudly as he can but ultimately he gets even with a pile of pooh – not close enough to the door to step into but strategically placed so that it’s the first thing you see when you walk out of the room.

Juan-and-Only says that calling Joey a revenge shitter is a little strongly put. He prefers the terms
Joey the Pooh or The Turdinator. Whichever, they all adequately describe the little fellow in language that tickles pre-teen boys.

The only reason I bring up Joey’s bad behavior this time of year is that I expect a lot of protest poop this season. Ya see, Juan-of-a-Kind and I have decided not to buy Christmas presents this year – for anybody! Not each other. Not the children. Not the grandchild. Not even the dear little doggies!

Considering my current situation, we just want the focus of the holiday to be on our love for each other, our love for the children and grandchild, and, of course, our love for our fur-children.

Hmmmm. There might be more protest poop under our Christmas tree than just Joey's!

P.S. I have completed my 12 Taxol chemo treatments and am currently on a two-week break before starting my FAC chemo. I should be done with FAC by mid February. After a month-long break, I'll have my big operation, followed by radiation. Thanks to all of you for your support. It's meant so much to me. Love and hugs, Cher


  1. Actions speak louder than barks and whining, I guess! :)

    I truly pray that you are doing well. In fact, I'm praying for you right this second, and I'm sending you love straight from Minnesota. So close your eyes, open your arms, and feel the love wrap around you.


  2. What a bad doggie! I guess we all have our little quirks. I think we should all quit the gift giving business. It makes the season so hectic and stressful. I just want everyone around for a big delicious meal. What's better than that. Sending love and Christmas greetings your way. Susan and Andy

  3. Whoa, I thought my dog was the only one who did that!! She didn't poop but she would shred...everything! You would open the door and it would look like snow as you see her turning the corner on 2 paws!!
    I am glad that you are through with that stage of chemo. You are always in my prayers!!!

  4. You get Christmas. You really get it. I am praying for you and asking for all the good things He has to be found under your tree this year ... even if they're found amongst the poop.

  5. It's not my dog but my cat who gets even with me when things don't go his way. He especially loves to poop in the bathtub, he is diabolical that way!

    Congratulations on completing the first portion of your chemo. I'll be continuing to keep you in my prayers as you make your way through the rest of your treatment.

    Merry Christmas, Bonnie

  6. Oh Cher, you know I'm praying that all will go well. I almost wish we could do the same this Christmas, no gifts, would seem less stressful. Merry Christmas and love you girl, T

  7. A "revenge shitter", I LIKE that! It made me come home from work tonight, and forget about all the stupid questions I answered today and LAUGH! Thanks! And, by the way, it totally rocks that you are focusing on what really counts this holiday season: family, love, and each other. Merry Christmas Cher, I think of you often. You take care!!

  8. Girl, if it helps you "feel the love", I will personally come over and poop under your tree! I think your idea for the holiday is super pooper!!!
    Next year, when you are all healthy and recuperated, maybe you will repeat the same routines for Christmas, because the season is all about our love for one another! Too bad it takes hard times to make us realize that.

    Love you!

  9. Thank goodness Joey is cute!!! otherwise,,,,,
    Amen Sister,,, I think you inspire people so I am glad you posted what you were going to do for Christmas and why...
    Way to knock down the first part! When you feel exhausted, frustrated, sick, and pissed off, know that you have a whole blog world of love praying for you and holding on to you along with God... We are all rooting for you and would be right there with you if we could all travel down to TX. hugs,,,, Lori

  10. Cher : You are the best, I pray for you every day. Carol

  11. Greetings from Falls County,
    For Christmas this year Helene got me a Shepard pup from a local shelter. Bear is working on his place in the pecking order. Being the 'new hire' at HomePlace right now he thinks he has to salute grasshoppers but he had the cats are working things out. It's funny to watch.
    So glad things are moving along in your treatment. You are in our prayers.

  12. We once had a poodle who did the same thing. However she only did it when my husband fussed at her. Then in the middle of the night, she would leave a little surprise in the hallway. But as she got older she just didn't give a you-know-what so she stopped. Tons of prayers for complete recovery.

  13. He's just a little gift that keeps on giving! Maybe that's his way of saying he gives a s*&#!
    I have a hunch your family does to and is not going to decide the tree is an least not this year. Try it next year...might be a different story!
    Around March, huh? So I take it you won't be at Warrenton? (You know I'm kidding you and love you. Keeping you and Juan in my daily prayers...all woofing aside!)

  14. Nothing says I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW SO DON'T SHUT ME OUT like a smelly pile of poop.

    Your plans for Christmas sound nice. A focus on family and love is a great idea.

    Prayers for you as you continue your treatment Cher.

  15. The Child, the Child, sleeping in the night
    He will bring us goodness and light.

    Wishing peace, love and joy for you and your loved ones, Cher. Oh... and also a poop-free Christmas! Prayer sent.

  16. OK, perhaps I should clarify my last comment. I do NOT wish you constipation for Christmas! My wish for you is that there would be a normal, healthy amount of poop, but that it would only be deposited in the appropriate place!

  17. Joey can't go to the store,
    To buy a gift you would adore.
    He'll leave you poop outside your door,
    Wait a bit and then some more.

    You should feel relieved, of course.
    His offering's small; he's not a horse!

    Enjoy your Christmas of love and give Joey an extra squeeze --- or not!


  18. Ya'll have the right idea for Christmas! Yeah! That's exactly what we all should do. So glad Joey is not the perfect dog... even though he looks like one. Ya got my prayers all over you, my dear! love ya, PJ

  19. The psyche of your dog matches that of one of my cats! Jethro often lets me know he's going to do it, and then I chase him around until he jumps in the box. Crazy.

    Good idea to enjoy the family above the gift thing. I imagine you will be showered with gifts of love, love, love.

    Thanks for the update. Prayers continue. Merry Christmas Cher. ~Mindy

  20. Congrats on finishing one of your chemos!!!

    I think it's great how you're planning on celebrating Christmas. Who needs all the lines, and crowds anyway? It's wonderful to know what's important and focus on that. Good for you!

    Hope things don't get too stinky.

  21. Way to go...making progress in your treatments! Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Been thinking of you and sending you so many good wishes.

    And my cat can date your dog. They have much in common

  22. You & Juan are obviously stressing the little
    turder. Ignore the protests he deposits at the doorway, otherwise he's getting his 15 minutes of fame, which is better than nothing when parents have shut the door in his little face. Clean up his mess only after you put him (gently) out of sight in the backyard.

    Yours truly,
    The dog 'Spert

  23. I am laughing and praying and praising with you
    all at once.
    First phase of treatment done. Check. Picked up the poop. Check. Celebrated the reason for the season. Check.
    You make my Christmas Merry!

  24. The "Turdinator"! I love it! We have a pee-machine that thinks anything new on the floor (suitcases, bags, new treadmill) is fair game..Geesh! But we do LOVE these little creatures, don;t we?

  25. Cher,
    You got the right idea with Juan...that's what matters most. Peace, Love and Blessings~

    Take Care and Happy Holidays!

  26. I don't think you can call it coincidental that my oldest son is Joey, has suddenly become clear to me exactly what's been going on around here :-)

    Have been keeping you in the prayer line... Have a blessed Christmas, Cher!

  27. Cher, Our pet babies always get their way, one way or another. Our kitties give us hair balls, in the hallway, where they cannot be see that well and oh they are so slimey if you are barefooted.

    Good to hear where you are in the process of your treatment. I have been thinking about you, lifting you up, just wanting to know that you are ok.

    Have a very Merry Christmas full of love from every corner.


  28. You are a brave one! No presents!! You'd better get that dog trained to kitty litter! I'm glad to hear you're OK, and yes, enjoying the family is the BEST way to go! Karen

  29. Well My Favorite Texas Woman (sorry Trashy Debbie)...
    It's Christmas Eve and I'm thinking of you!!! I wanted to poop in...I mean pop in and wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and let you know that you are a blessing to my blog life!!!
    I'm wishing you a wonderful 2010 to come and MANY more after that. We need you here...I need you here to make me laugh. It would be mighty quiet here if it weren't for you so you go take all those treatments and get your butt back to doing your job here...that's an order! So don't be a poopy poster cuz we just love you toooooo much~
    everything vintage


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