Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hubby Juan Luckybastard is considering changing his name. Apparently, he isn't feeling that the next few weeks will be his luckiest.

Ya see, I had a little surgery at MDAnderson Friday that installed a Power Port into my chest. This will make chemo infusions much easier and is the only way to handle the upcoming harsher chemos.

The port is placed below the collarbone under the skin. Tubing from the port is tunneled upwards towards another incision which is made to help thread the tubing downward into the jugular vein. The whole procedure takes about an hour, following an hour of prep with an antibiotic transfusion. It takes about hour in the recovery room after the operation.

Cute cowboy boot slippers from Joan that I wore in the hospital!

No biggie, really. I had a fairly comfortable night in a propped up position in our fifth wheel travel trailer. A small amount of pain in the morning saw me taking a pain med. If we'd been home, I could have done without it but we had to drive our rig home and that's a bumpy ride after a surgical procedure.

So what does all this have to do with Juan wanting to change his last name to Unluckybastard? Well, postoperative instructions for him were MUCH longer than the ones for me.

My list only stated that for two weeks I cannot lift my arm above my head or straight out to the front or side. I cannot lift over 20 lbs. I cannot drive.

Here's Juan list for the next two six weeks :
  • Juan shall do all incision dressing changes.
  • Juan shall drive me wherever I want to go.
  • Juan shall do all grocery shopping as well as the putting away of said vittles.
  • Juan shall do all vacuuming, laundry, and ironing.
  • Juan shall empty dishwasher (it involves putting dishes away over my head).
  • Juan shall change bed linens.
  • Juan shall unload travel trailer (and load, if need be).
  • Juan shall continue to work to support me in the manner I have become accustomed to.
  • Juan shall continue to visit and monitor his mother's care and feeding.
  • Juan shall continue with all of his usual chores around the house.
  • And, in his spare time - if there is any - Juan may gather with his male friends and fly his precious remote control airplanes.

I think you get the drift of the proposed name change.

And, of course, Juan shall do all this while putting up with my chemo treatment aftereffects. Just so he understands what he's in for during the week, I've renamed the days.

Chemo Friday, of course, is the day we travel to Houston for treatment.
Steroid Saturday is definitely a good day for me. If I plan on doing anything at all during the week, that's the day to gitter done! Of course, I'm a little chatty on Steroid Saturday, usually starting at 5 a.m. and continuing until bedtime.
Sucky Sunday, when the steroids have worn off, starts the downward slide into Chemoville.
Mattress Monday is a very tired day for me. The dogs and I sleep in every room of the house.
Flu Tuesday is full of achy muscles and fatigue.
Wild Card Wednesday can be good, can be bad. It's a wild card kind of day, all right.
Thrilling Thursday is the closest day to feeling back to normal for me...most of the time.
And then we're back to Chemo Friday, starting my week - and his - all over again!

Poor Juan. Poor, poor Juan.


  1. You are worth it, honey! It might put a hitch in his remote control activities, but I'm pretty sure he won't mind a bit! Hope your Sucky Sunday was a little less sucky today. I will keep sending you prayers throughout the days ahead! :)


    P.S. Love the cute slippers!

  2. He wouldn't have it any other way. He would pout if he couldn't be there making sure it's done the way it should be. Don't forget... I was there the day he came home to pick out that 'special toy' to take to his sick baby at the dog hospital. That man is mush!
    A very sweet man, but mush!

  3. Perhaps we need to change his name to Manual Labor.
    P.S. I got a feeling he still thinks he is JLB...I know he is!

  4. My hubby said to tell Juan, don't fall for's not doing all that for ME!! your the luckyb@$t@&

  5. Tell Juan that I am here for him! I know the feeling! We can form a club called Juan In A Million or something like that. It is tough what we do...but not near as tough as what you do! Thank goodness we all LOVE YOU!


  6. All I ever seem to do in my comments is smile and nod at what everyone else said.

    You can see that, right?


  7. Cheri ~ Prayers are lifting for you to be touched with the healing hands of our Lord. I am sorry you must endure this. Bless you ... Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

  8. This must have been a good Sucky Sunday because I, along with everyone else, love all that you wrote. I agree that Juan must temporarily be named Juan-in-a-Million. I have printed out your weekly schedule so I know how to pray for you that day. Love your new house shoes!!! Your breast cancer friend,


  9. Hang in there Cher,,, I know you have already been through soooo much and Juan didn't run. So I'm sure JLB is going to be okay with it all. You do your part, he will do his part and keep us filled in... I can't believe you have kept up with Totally Tasteless Tuesday in conjunction with Flu Tuesday.... Bless your heart.
    Prayers for the next while....

  10. I just want you to know that I'm here and keeping up. I didn't want to lurk and say nothing. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Oh, how I wish I had your wit and quick mind. God has you in His hands.

  11. I have to adjust an earlier statement, your BOTH tougher than I am. I'm guessing Juan sees it as what he can do to help and probably wishes there were more.
    You were missed at The Great Pumpkin Shoot, but I saved Pumpkins for both you and Juan. Just let me know when your ready.

  12. Dear Cher, I think Juan doesn't mind the chores...I think he loves you and will endure whatever it takes to get you back to normal, whatever normal is for you, and resume his life of work and remote control planes. Be easy on him, I am sure he is worried and doing his best.

    Remember I am just down the road if you need me.


  13. My prayers are with you. Your positive attitude will see you through!!!

  14. Thursdays are always my favorite day of the week and I know it will get her even faster since its your favorite as well! Damn, that Juan is one lucky ass bastard!! And I'm sure he knows that.

  15. Man, don't you get any 'down time' in between chemo treatments? No weeks off? Maybe we should talk to your doctor....

    Juan isn't keeping a record of how many times he empties the dishwasher is he? He may have you mowing the lawn for a year after all this over. Tell Juan to keep up the good work. He's a good guy!

    I hope there are some bright spots in your week. Keep plugging through those days and remember 'Thrilling Thursday' is just around the corner.

    Love the slippers!

  16. I love this post! I know Juan loves doing it though! He knows he is a lucky bas*&$#!

    I just found your blog and will pray for continued good news!!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  17. People still do ironing??

    I have total confidence that Juan (aka 'Un') can and will take care of ALL your pressing needs without getting hot under the collar.


  18. Both of you are lucky to have each other! Just let him take care of you & the other things you do, even though he might do them like you would want him to. Keep up the great attitude & I'll say prayers geared for each of your days!

  19. Its a good thing that it is in Juan (PaPa)'s nature to stay busy. I vote for unload all the paper plates and plastic ware from the trailer and eliminate the dishwasher step. Also, the dry cleaner is pretty cheap on ironing these days. Love you guys.

    Code Woman

  20. Oh dear, looks like the B*st*rd household is getting a routine started (military style). I'm sure Colonel Juan is putting his best foot forward and I commend him for his good work.
    I hope that in 10 weeks are so, he'll be relieved of his duties and he'll be busy chasing you around again, just like old times darling!!!!
    Since you are all chatty on Saturdays...get to blogging and keep us posted!!!
    everything vintage

  21. YOU.ARE.AMAZING!!!! Cher, I just found you through another blog and from here on out, you are my hero girl!!!! I loved seeing the photo of you and your hubby together and you sporting that mustache!!!! You really are my hero and so is Juan ~ xxoo, Dawn

  22. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband as do i?what would we do otherwise?
    i am so glad you are in Houston.thats where i went to have my lung redution was at houston methodist.i wish so badly i coud stay with them,but we live in dallas and the expense was just to great for us to bare.
    i have a Texas Pride button I would love for you to come pick up from my blog if you wish.
    i wish you all the luck and will pray for you dear...anniepoo/

  23. Love those crazy boot slippers, Cher!!! I think Senor Juan is doing pretty good with all his chores and doing them with few complaints. You must have trained him well.... *grin*

    I wish you luck with everything you are going through. You have many bloggy friends who say prayers for your well-being and your recovery! Take care.

  24. Cher what a inspiration I get everytime I visit your blog. How do you have the spirit that you have.I know that this has to be hard on the both of you. But just thank God for having someone to love you through this. I don't have a husband to talk to be it good news or bad news. I love you girl and my heart is with you this week. Please continue to visit when you feel like it. I have nothing compared to what you are carrying.


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