Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo album of a chemo cut!

The cast of characters:

back row: Hat Dude, C-Bear, Code Woman, and Kid Coffee
front row: The Texas Woman and Juan Luckybastard


The first haircut!

The second haircut!

Everybody gets to help!

OMG! What are they doing to me?

I kinda like the ponytails!

Ya know you look pathetic when the grandson gives you sympathy!

First look!

Back view. Note famous butt in background!
Kinda similar, ain't they?

Side view!

Mother/son matching Mohawks!

YOU made me do it!

YOU went along with the idea!


The toned down version awaiting fallout!

One chemo treatment down
and fifteen to go.

I'm kicking tumor butt now!


  1. You go girl!! I love that your Family is so much fun and so supportive!!! That is half the battle!!!
    We love you and are praying for you!!

  2. OMG! What a great haircut! Your sons too! What a neat family! Much love, Angie

  3. You're awesome and you rock the mohawk! You're lucky your face is so pretty...not everyone is so fortunate. ;-)

    Keep kicking tumor butt!

  4. Cher, always the one with the sense of humor! You go girl...

  5. Oh Cher you make me laugh. Good for you! Are you going to color it pink?

  6. Great cut and like FringeGirl said Keep kicking tumor butt!!

  7. I think the mohawk looks awesome and like Gladys said, I think you should color it pink!

  8. You have the perfect head girl! You lucky woman! I wish I were there to see your doctor's face when he sees your new do at the next visit! I'm sure you keep that office in stitches!
    Everyone loves your spirit shows all the way down to your DNA shareholders!!!! Fabulous family indeed.
    And as for Juan Luckybastard, he sure is IT!
    If I were a tumor...I would be scared of you...kick it girl~
    everything vintage

  9. They said on the news tonight that the new Texas Cowboy stadium is the eighth wonder of the world but they don't know you and your family. Champions ALL!

  10. Love, love the mohawk!!! When looking at the "after" family pic, I see so much love and support. Way to go Cher,,,, in the pic, I notice you have hair where Juan LB doesn't and he has hair where you don't.... just an observation! True soulmates...Now I think you need one of those tats like Kid Coffee and Code Woman... you are one lucky Texas woman!!! Continued Prayers! now go out there and kick that tumor butt!!!

  11. You know girl, it took a lot of courage and laughter to do that post. I loved every bit of it, although I have to admit I had to wipe away a tear or two. Love your family, they are as crazy as mine. I have NO doubt, you will kick the tumor butt right out of the ballpark girl! Take care!

  12. You are one hell of a woman and I am so glad you are my friend! I am totally in agreement with pink!


  13. My fav is you in profile, mouth wide open in laughter. Unrehearsed, real life joy. That is one day not soon to be forgotten, eh? Family love and friend love. Good stuff. Congrats on one down. ~Mindy

  14. You look great! You should color it pink!

  15. You have such a kick ass attitude about this whole ordeal! What a great way to have some fun and create a little distraction for you and everyone around you!

  16. You and Juan,
    One stylish pair.
    You with the Mohawk,
    He with the the 'flare'.

    I salute you.
    I learn from you.
    I love who you are!

  17. Love the mother and son matching mohawks picture!

  18. With that hair cut, tumors were shrinking fast. So glad ya'll took photos! Your daughter is so pretty. Takes after her Mom. Now we know ya'll are all crazy. xoxoxo PJ

  19. I have a real dilemma. I can't think of anything funny or cool to say .

    So I will say what is in my heart.

    I am proud to know you.

    Oh and this:

    You're kicking ass and taking names.


  20. You are following in a fine tradition Cher. Just before jumping on D-Day a couple of platoons of airborne troops shaved their heads in Mohawks. They donned war paint and gave indain style whoops and war crys. A couple had planned ahead and even had tommahawks.
    Word is the Germans saw them and thought Apachies were being turned loose on them. OK, so Hollywood movies gave a mixed message.
    The Germans took one look at them and were terrified if killed or captured...they didn't want to think about it.
    Maybe you can scare the tumors the same way. I wouldn't want to tangle with you.

  21. Cher, you're slipping!!
    I expected, at the least, Mohawk in Red!!! What is this world coming to?

    Seriously,go for it, girl! You can beat this thing!!!!!!!!!!

  22. are SOOOOOO funny! Love that hair do...but, I think I would color it "lime green". After all, you are not the type to "follow trends" and go pink! ;0

    Hope to see you soon...xo...deb

  23. Cher: OH MY GOSH!!!. What a great "do" I would not have expected any thing, less Cher. You are great , we miss you at the pool. I will do extra "froggies" just for you,------for a speedy recovery. Love to you, Carol Bienski

  24. You have the right attitude to kick butt!
    Courage and strength for your journey.

  25. Hey Friend, (If you still consider this negligent person a friend). Excuse: Lots of computer problems and a go to h....atttitude with the mess. They say fixed by today?????

    You have been in my prayers and I love te hair cut...only you......I bet they love you at MD Anderson. I will be gone for a week startin tomorrow, but when I return, I will do anything you need done..take you somewhere, fetch something for you, fix some food, clean your house( well lets think about that)...I am here.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  26. you are so damn precious.
    damn. I had no idea.

  27. Great going and GREAT Attitude!! Your ears probably burn every Thursday and we all catch up on your in your water aerobics class.

  28. Kick that Cancer's azz!! you rock! I start my first treament next week!

  29. Texas Woman....I don't know you , but you are one incredible woman with an equal brave to share it all with us and then what a blessing to others going thru the same..... you are inspiring and beautiful to boot! Really, you ....and believe me not many could wear the mohawk....but you look good with it! You are in our prayers and on our list every Sunday at our Bible Study ....we know you thru PJ, who loovves you! Blessings!

  30. Hi, Texas Woman, I'm here by way of FringeGirl.

    You're beautiful! Thanks for being such an inspiration - and for rockin' that mohawk for all the world to see. ;)

    Best to you through this.

  31. I was googling an airplane (RV-1 Mohawk) and found an image of you with your grandson. It brought tears to my eyes...

    My father's hair fell out a few weeks ago due to his ratiation treatment, so it tugged at my heart.

    I know we don't know each-other but I wish you the best. The pictures tell a wonderful family story and I pray for success in your treatment.

    By the way, that mohawk is awesome!

    Good luck :)


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