Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cancer by the numbers

So I put on my

and went to

where I was poked with needles

(well, it felt like it!)

I thought I had

tumor but it turns out I have


Since the cancer has traveled to at least

lymph node, my

(yes, this is really his picture)
says I will have

months of chemo before I have surgery.

The prognosis is that I have an

percent chance of living at least


As my mother told my Uncle Harry,
"You're 63-years old (I changed the age to my own)!
How much longer did you expect to live?"

Forever, Momma. Forever!


  1. Texas Woman, you have my prayers going your way. Please keep us posted and God Bless you. I know you have a lot of blogging friends out there. I hope you do well with the treatments. Sandi

  2. So Cher. . . here's the deal. If they say you have "at least" ten years, that is good. Why do I think that is "good" because look at what the "mircles of modern medicine" come up with every day! Don't you EVER give up, don't you ever settle, and don't you ever lose "hope" which is my favorite word. Because if you do my friend, my mom's Texas blood will come out in me and I will have to travel to Texas to personally kick your ass! Deal? It's all about "hope" and you already know girl that you are in my prayers! Take care.

  3. It is all about a positive attitude and information and you have both so I KNOW you will do well and we are all out here praying and sending the good juju your way!!! If you need ANYTHING from us just let us know!!!
    hugs and kisses too!

  4. You are cracking me up with the number pictures. The doc looks familiar. Is he famous? Of course, he is. He has seen your boobs. All men who have seen your boobs are famous! Correct me here...you get 7 months of chemo -with- your boobs and -then- they remove them? huh Prayers continue for your health, spirits and doctors. ~Mindy

  5. Cher, I gotta tell you that I'm having a hard time getting past those boot-sneakers. What? I've never seen anything like that!

    I'm glad for such a good prognosis, but I'm sorry you have to endure chemo for seven months. It's a good thing you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to...Texas tough, remeber. We'll continue praying and you continue fighting!

    You'll come out the winner. I'm sure of it!

    By the way, does your doctor know he's famous now? He better be nice because we all know what he looks like now.

  6. Okay...tough talk for a tough woman! Those odds aren't bad, sweetie! I wonder what the odds are that a 63 year old without tumors will live for another 10 years? I have been researching for that fact, but can't find it. All I know is this:

    1. You are at the best cancer hospital in the world!
    2. You found your cancer before it spread too badly!
    3. You are tough!
    4. You have SO MANY friends who love you and are praying for you!
    5. Miracles happen every day...especially with the power of prayer!
    6. Your positive attitude, sense of humor, faith and hope will take you a long, long way!
    7. You need to keep your head full of positive thoughts, so I am going to provide you with a few:

    ---"FEAR can keep us up all night long, but FAITH makes one fine pillow"

    ---"FAITH is the bird that feels the light and and sings when the dawn is still dark"

    ---"Take the first step in Faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." (Martin Luther King Jr.)

    I will be back. I have to digest and think. I am here for you! Don't ever underestimate the power of love, prayer and friendship!

    You are a survivor, my friend!


  7. Since we are all here cheering you on, I think you can stall out that cancer!!! I think you are what they mean by We grow 'em tough in Texas!!! Positive thinking and prayer... It is a good combo!!!

  8. Sending hugs & prayers to you and your family! You'll be through with chemo by spring... a time of new beginnings. Keep positive thoughts and thanks for keeping us posted.

  9. Additionally, hello to IT Guy. Thoughts and prayers are with him, too.

  10. I was always enjoyed the nerdy kids in my classes, with the thought in mind that it would be those smart little oddballs who would someday be in the laboratories & treatment rooms offering us cures for all sorts of dread diseases.

    Your guy looks plenty smart; just as I often imagined one of those 15-year olds, matured
    into a researcher or physician. I wish him
    all success with your therapy.

    With love and hopes for an excellent outcome,
    one of your many, many friends.

  11. Continued prayers for you, Cher Bear!! Big hugs from Minnesota.


  12. No step for a stepper-

    Keep writing-
    Keep taking pictures-
    Go buy something, plant something, paint something,sing something

    Read The Help this week with me-
    Let's talk about it.

    Drink lots of water, and I will too.

    You are loved,

  13. Hey Cher...you crazy girl you. Love your depiction of life...so visual.

    Attitude is everything...and then lots of love...and the best wishes from your friend in Michigan.

  14. I am thinking of you and praying for you! However the comments really make me laugh, at least 10 years and the max is 30, 40? 8 months of chemo does sound like a while, but since I can't go to Roundtop this Fall I will see you there in March! What a wicked wit you have! Much love! Angie

  15. I ma still saying my prayers for you!

  16. You can do this. We can do this together. I had several lymph nodes involved and lookie me - I am still buying green bananas..I am still worrying about how I'll look when I'm 83..I am still happy about not having sagging breasts when I'm 83..which, by the way is only 23 years away...
    Seriously, email me anytime. I have been there and done that and it's not all fun and games. I've learned along the way to let people help me..to feel sorry for myself once in a while..to enjoy not having to shave ANYTHING for the entire chemo regime..to have a "no cancer day" at LEAST once a week - a day off - no talk of doctors..of illness..of cancer at ALL and learned that a bad-hair day beats a no-hair day anytime!

    You can do this. We can do this.

    Welcome to the sisterhood. We do care. We're in this together.

    (Loved your photos - keep 'em coming!)

  17. Very creative way of presenting your report! Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

  18. Cher - It's all in the attitude girl! I know you have a good one. Stay strong on your end and we'll hold up the other end. We are all praying for your recovery. Come see us at Warrenton if you can. We're bringing back that big love seat! Really cheap this time. Love Susan & Andy

  19. Keep that chin up and those tits out honey!

  20. Those are pretty good odds that Doc is making...better than you'd get in Vegas at the blackjack table.
    I'm just following your lead...you tell me what you need.

  21. Okay, now I'm ready to comment to make it an even 21 comments for ya since Deb was playing black jack ahead of me...
    10 years is GOOD girl, just make sure you do the following to make sure you make it until 2019+:

    Look both ways before you cross the road
    Always wear your seat belt
    Never have an electric appliance near the tub
    Don't forget to turn off the stove
    Always kiss ITguy goodnight
    Keep your faith
    And most of all, NEVER loose your strength!!!

    There you have it, I think you'll do just fine my dear! No doubt about it!!!!

    MD has helped 2 of the people I love the most...I'm sure you will be #3!!!

  22. You have lots of people praying for you to kick it good, including me. You must be starting the chemo soon then, right? Stay strong! Karen

  23. Last post September 1. What's up? How are you dealing? What can we do? Shout out, girlfriend. ~Mindy

  24. Cher,
    It's so good you're going to Anderson. We've now had two bouts of cancer there and the doctors and PAs are fabulous. Not always quick, of course. And you do have to keep asking questions, but it's like having Lance Berkman step up to the plate on your behalf (well, maybe not this year)...:) You will know you have the very best treatment. I know two people (out of two) who have been prescribed the course of treatment you seem to be on and they've both done fabulously well. I know you will, too. We're all pulling for you.

  25. you are one helluva woman, Texas Woman. I admire, respect and uphold you. I bet you have all of MDA in stitches!


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