Monday, June 8, 2009

Totally Tasteless Tuesday

Sad but true!


  1. OMG...that is hilarious! No other words need be spoken....hehehe

    Thanks for droppin' by the yaya and hopefully you'll "physically" come by the shop again soon!

    Have a beautiful & creative week! xo..deb

  2. i can't stop laughing, cher.....
    that is me and my husband...only that lady's front side looks better than mine does and she is a cartoon!!!!
    thanks for the laugh.....

  3. I always look forward to Tuesday because I know you will have something to make me laugh.

  4. I found your blog, thru a blog, etc...and YOU are TOO FUNNY!! Your writings make me laugh out loud, so I have bookmarked your sight as I love a good laugh. I am from East TN but have a sister that lives in Navasota. We visited your area a few years back and truly loved it there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on life...

  5. You are right! OMG, so true! Thanks for a laugh this morning! Angie

  6. I just 'discovered' your blog and love it! You're now part of my daily blog routine. Thanks.

    By the way, I'd think you took my picture but there's no man in my house. ;-)

  7. And to think that up until now, all of my flat-chested friends have been envying me. The table has been turned... Sue

  8. LOL

    This is so sad. Does this have to be my future?


  9. Oh the irony given our POP QUIZ eye grandmother's hooties looked like that. Talk about gravity being a bummer... lulu

  10. don't ya just know it:(((lol!!

  11. Darn it Cher...
    I have warned you to quit sharing your 10 year anniversaries with us in PUBLIC!!!
    Just kidding...#3 would never have you looking like that!!! And if you did, there would be no #4. Heck, what number are you on now? I'm all confused!
    everything vintage
    (but not like those boobies!)

  12. LMAO!! I am never sure I want to look here on Tuesdays but I always do anyway, lol. At least this one didn't make my eyes bleed, lol.

  13. Cher...that is totally tasteless, but I got a good laugh. Hope things are good with you. I will contact you one day and we will have lunch.


  14. If my daddy were to have seen this, he'd would've said they looked like Bull Durham sacks with just a little tobaccy left in 'em!


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