Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This blog closed due to the heat!

The heat is on! The cops are after me and once again I'm on the dodge. To make matters worst, summer has laid upon Texas like an itchy wool blanket. So I'm closing up my laptop and relinquishing my blogging credentials until...

  • cooler weather?
  • I feel like typing again?
  • I get some stuff done around this old house?
  • I consummate my marriage?
  • All of the above!
Have a great summer, my blogging friends!

Love ya,


  1. a. That will be December!
    b. That will be this evening!
    c. That will be forever!
    d. That will be in 5 minutes!
    e. REALLY?

    So just exactly DO you think you will be back? Have fun (that would be d), will miss you and I'll be lonely with no one to play with!


  2. Tell me that one of those points means immediately. I'm slow getting over here sometimes, but enjoy each and every post. Ignore the heat, it's temporary!

  3. You're not gone for the WHOLE summer, are you?

    I wish we had some heat in NY. It's still cool here...too cool for June.


  4. We will truely miss you. Who will post the tackiest things on Tacky Tuesday? My sister is in Houston sub, Humble. She says there is nothing like the heat of Texas, unless it is Hell... stay cool and we will see ya'll when you get cooled off!!!

  5. No, Cher, No! Tell me it ain't true! You can't leave me...especially on The Never-Ending Story day! You know it doesn't cool off til November! That's a long time! And you know it doesn't take but a few minutes to make yore man happy! Who will keep me on my toes? Who will photoshop me? Who will keep me on the right side of the law? week. Take one week and then get your ass back here!


  6. Enjoy your summer! The Texas summer is one never-ending hot flash! Stay cool, hot mama!

  7. Will miss you lots! Please come back soon! Angie

  8. Enjoy your summer & I will be looking forward to your return!

  9. Well, it's back to Woman's Day, BHG and
    Real Simple for me.
    Go rejuvenate, recreate and return better than evah.

  10. Sigh...I feel like camp is over and I have to go home after a great summer...but in reverse. Looking forward to your return. If you get lonely - drop a note to say hey! was in the 50's here in Detroit last night...brrr

  11. Cher,
    Do what I do to cool off...get your lawn chair and put the water sprinkler under it...turn it on...sit down...underwear is optional...and chill!

  12. I totally understand, try and stay cool as best you can and hurry back now, ya hear!

  13. HEY Cher, Can we still have lunch?

  14. What the hell? I leave for ONE week and then YOU disappear???

    Oh, hell to the have to come back soon.

    I'll miss your Tasteless Tuesdays and...and...and who's going to leave sly, cunning, & witty comments on my blog (besides Debbie)???

    It won't be the same without didn't even give us a chance to vote on this!!!!!

    Go consummate your marriage, we'll see you back in 15 minutes! ;)

    Just kidding...take all the time you need...I'm going to miss you!!!!!
    everything vintage

  15. I just checked back to see if you were kidding. Looks like a no on that front. Stay cool and come back soon!


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