Saturday, June 13, 2009

The door to nowhere!

I took my favorite rug off the floor last December because visiting dogs with nervous tummies did obscene things to it.

I hung it on the living room wall but it still needed something.

I decided it needed a door...a door to nowhere. Something I could hang art on. Something that would break up the busy pattern of the rug. Something for the eye to focus on. In other words, it needed the depth that layering a door on it would give.

So I varnished this green, chippy, scared door. It's over a hundred-years. I got it out of an old farmhouse in Brenham. It had a twin in red but I made that one into a lift-up coffee table for my daughter Code Woman (CW).

One day CW called me and said (and I quote here), "I've left (insert name of her husband here) but I took the coffee table with me!" She loves her chippy door/table as much as I do.

Isn't this better? Even Sally Sue thinks so as she naps on the back of the sofa. (Note Steven Walenta original photo on black washstand!)

This is the first painting that I've completed in many, many a year. I thought my new/old door was the perfect place to feature it.


  1. I've been through that door to nowhere a few times! You need to put an exit door up so I can find my way out!

    I DO LOVE that door! Beautiful! Love that painting too! Let's take us a cooler and a bucket of minners and go sit in that boat a spell! We can troll for men! :)


  2. OMGosh, you can come decorate my house anytime. Really, c'mon, please.......

  3. You are a smart woman with a door!

    Your daughter sounds smart too.

  4. Your daughter is awesome...that is something I would do. I actually left "thing one" with the house...just took a painting. The house isn't worth crap but that silly "ugly" painting...estimated at $45k right now. Yes, it is in storage.

    Love the door/rug/art work...come over and do something with my house... it is BORING

  5. I "like" your new look, a lot! The door is awesome, I'm a chippy paint kind of person!


  6. You raise a very smart woman! Love the door and the painting, ever thought of selling any of your work? I'm interested if you ever decide to!
    ~The Sweet Gardenia

  7. Sally Sue knows her stuff! The rug, the door, the painting...all fabulous! Love the water scene! Another Texas Woman talent!!


  8. The door is fabulous-o... and your painting, oh just beautiful. Get yourself back into that on a regular basis, you are great!! Tootles, janna

  9. Cher, What a great door, it is wonderful and your painting is beautiful....Everything looks good.

  10. Cher- Balancing the weathered, chippy door against the rug made so much sense in tying the two together. As a southwestern gal myself (NM) I still love the muted tones of the land. Your artwork is to truly covet... I just put all of my southwest things away- need a change... if you'd like to click on the following link you can see what I just took off of the wall. I look forward to more of your posts. Sue

  11. Being raised in Arizona, having lived in Texas and now in Utah- I've got to say I LOVE LOVE your decor!

  12. Christopher Lowell's schtick is Seven Layers of Design. You have kicked up that design theory a notch. Who among us would have ever thought of
    hanging a painting on a door mounted on a rug
    tacked upon on a wall. It attests to your creativity (stroke, stoke).
    No, really, it really does.

  13. Love love LOVE the door to nowhere Cher, but your painting takes first prize! Beautiful!!!!
    everything vintage


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