Saturday, April 4, 2009

A stephome tour!

My stepmother Reetie picks up a paint brush at the front door of every house she moves into and doesn't put her paints down until she reaches the back door. She marks her territory better than any dog I've ever seen!

Reetie lives with my stepfather Wade, a sordid tale of lust, romance, confusion, cancer, dizzy spells, good food, and wine, mostly red! The following pictures are of their house in the hill country.

Finally, plants I can't kill!

You've alread seen this bathtub
but I wanted to show it again. I love it!

Yes, the headboard is painted on the wall.

Wade made this sofa table out of an old western twin bedstead.

These hanging windows separate the TV viewing area
from a sitting area with fireplace.

I love all the mirrors together.

Here's another cabinet I made. You stick your fingers
into the adjacent knotholes to open the doors.

And the sweetest doggie in the world...
except for mine, of course.


  1. What a talented family. I want to hear the tale of blah,blah, wine and lust. You see what sticks in my mine. ;)

  2. I don't know how talent passes down in the genes from your stepfather to the woman who lives with him to you, but evidently it did! What a talented woman and inviting home. Okay, here is my normal photo question because I am obsessed with vintage photos...who are the two girls in that large vintage photo? Your description of their relationship is priceless! You could be describing Lurch and me if you substituted heart surgery for cancer!


  3. She is goooood! Very nice house. Love how she seperated the room. She has spent quality time on a ladder looking UP! thanks for sharing, PJ

  4. It's a dang shame you two ladies have hogged all the talent and left nary a crumb for me!

    Looking at what you & Reetie create makes me ashamed to ever say I just don't have the time
    or energy to 'do' a project.

  5. Wow...she is definitely one talented artist! :) Thanks for sharing...and thanks for coming to visiting the yaya and meeting some of my friends! xo...deb

  6. I especially like the wall of mirrors. Very cool. I could do that. The paintings are just amazing. I couldn't do that.


  7. I am a painter too and I loved all of your paint jobs. I have done a lot of things similar in my housr! Love it!!!

  8. Beautiful! Some day you are going to have to tell us the story of the two stepparents....

  9. It's just not fair that you guys can have so much talent for creativity and I have absolutely none. Where was I when it was being passed out.

    That bed post looks so real and I would never have known it had I not noticed the kerchief.. the only tell-tale sign.

    I want to live with her sans "the ... lust, romance, confusion, cancer, dizzy spells," good food and wines are ok!!!


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