Thursday, April 2, 2009

Did I mention
I'm mad at

Several posts ago Gladys reminded my hips of butter and sugar sandwiches. They've been nagging me about the sweet bread ever since, causing me to consume several of the concoctions just to get my hips off my back, so to speak.

I'm blaming the whole confection reconnection thing on Gladys. Recalling childhood memories is one thing, but contributing to another's list of vices is a whole different matter. I have enough temptations whispering in my ears without the help of blog posts.

Just this morning Vintage Sue brought up donuts so now my hips want to take a ride to Ducky's Donuts.

My hips do seem to be very demanding lately.

Even Deb must have noticed. She took this picture of the dern things at Warrenton Sunday. Usually Deb is a great photographer, picking her subjects and angles with great care. Somehow she got off track with this photo.

But as Shakira sings, "The hips don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's right!" Guess I'll go make another butter and sugar sandwich!

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Did I mention that dern Gladys won Jo Barrett's book contest? Well, she did. Guess I'll get over being mad at her long enough to send her the book, if she sends me her address, that is. Email me, girlfriend, at!

Congratulations and enjoy the book!


  1. Sugar and butter, huh? Would've never thought of that combo. Sounds like something my kids would like, but I won't tell them.

  2. No cinammon on those sandwiches? Girl, your hips can handle those sandwiches...don't you fret...just enjoy! However, I am mad about Gladys and the dang book!


  3. Hey don't hate me because of samwhiches...hate me because I'm beautiful! ;)

    OK Cher I'll email you. Thanks for the mentions and the book I can't wait. I have a plane ride to Tejas coming up and will need to pass the time somehow. God knows I won't sleep.

  4. OH and is that a bag or a handbag your carring? You skinny woman.

  5. Sugar and butter sandwiches! They've been a tightly kept secret from my childhood all these many years. I never tell anyone that my mama used to fix those for our snack time! Another favorite was peanut butter and syrup...a spoonful of peanut butter plopped in the middle of a saucer with some pancake syrup drizzled over the top and then all stirred together and eaten with a spoon...or fingers, depending on the kid. If there was no peanut butter in the house? Why, then, it was butter and syrup mixed together and eaten with a spoon! Yikes!

  6. Is that thang YOUR butt?
    Why haven't you brought it to the pool????

  7. Damn. Now I need a snack. And I've got nice smooshy fresh bread in there. It's gotta be the freshest smooshiest bread you can find for butter and sugar.

  8. My mama used to give me butter and sugar sandwiches. What a treat with an ice cold glass of moo juice! Ah-the memories! Luv~Betty G~


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