Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tweakin' a treasure!

Sometimes a garage sale find needs a little fine-tuning to fit into your decor. Take this rustic mirror I stole bought for only $2.00.

I liked the frame (barn wood is always good for me) but the shape was a little too cathedral for my taste.

So I turned the whole thing upside down...

...and added a set of deer horns that some dear had donated to my collection!

His distant cousin, a real turkey, volunteered the feather that hides a screw.

Hop over to Jen's Sanctuary Arts at Home Blog! She's hostessing her monthly make-over party today! The ideas at her place just keep on coming!


  1. That is an improvement and my husband would LOVE it!!


  2. It's perfect! Everything needs more deer horns! That mirror was a great find! Thanks for joining in on the party! Jen

  3. That came out really good! Awesome job.


  4. That has Montana written all over it--fun redo!

  5. I love the shape turned upside down...how cool is that????

  6. Great redo. Has a very rustic charm.

    Have a happy day


  7. You have such great ideas Cher. I like it better upside down as well.


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