Sunday, March 22, 2009

Travelin' in style!

Here's one side of our rig...

...and here's the other side!

Oops. I guess one side is a little harder to maintain than the other!


  1. Haha...I know how that goes.

    One of the best investments we ever made was our RV. Oh and the worst blow-out? In Glamis sand dunes on my BIL's 45 ft rig full of sand car, atv's and all our stuff. You should have heard the curse words.

  2. Can I borrow that? Oh...the RV too! :)


  3. Looks like you were at least in a decent location for it. I remember one time changing one on the narrow shoulder of a busy interstate. Those eighteen wheelers flying by will sure rock a travel trailer! And that four-way lug wrench is worth its weight in gold.

  4. I'd say IT guy is worth his weight in gold!!!


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