Sunday, March 15, 2009

Junk Jewelry

I don't know who invented junk jewelry but I absolutely adore it!

So Saturday I printed off my Michael's 40% off coupon and my visiting cousin Marcia and I headed off to buy a silver chain for my neck and assorted-size jump rings that I'd need to make my necklace.

I saw a lot of things at the craft store that were cute, cute, cute but I knew I had some good junk at home too.

It was so easy. I cut the chain to size, added a clasp, and went to work hanging my stuff. Aiming for a balanced look, I made this child's china pitcher my centerpiece.

I love it. I think I'll wear it to the blogger's party March 29 at Warrenton. Come to the party and see my necklace!

Can't wait to make another one. Junk jewelry, anyone?


  1. Very cute junk jewelry!


  2. I Love It!! Hmmm..I'm thinking I need one!


  3. Well look at you, Miss Smarty Pants! We won't go into how much I love junk jewelry...not enough space on commet form.
    I'll be looking for you in that fab necklace at the blogger party!

  4. It turned out great, I always get all the stuff and hate how turns out for me, I guess I will just give you the stuff, and you can do it..

  5. Pretty cute and creative! I love junk, too! I'll bet that was fun to create! Have a great week in Texas while we here in Oregon get drenched with rain this week.

  6. I took a bunch of my old earrings from the 80's. You know the big gold chunky ones and put them on a big chunky gold chain. They made such a cute statement piece. My favorite though is an old 3 strand pearl necklace I found at a thrift store and a big rhinestone brooch. I pin the brooch on the pearls at the clip. Then turn the necklace where the brooch and the pin hand just at my neck line.

  7. I was gonna call you Ms. Smarty Pants, but I read Trash Talk's comment and she called you Ms. Smarty Pants! I guess that proves two things:
    1.) Great minds think alike 2.) You are indeed Ms. Smarty Pants!

    I adore your necklace! My favorite charm is the little china pitcher! How clever! Can't wait to see it on you at the parteeee!


  8. You go girl! I am so proud of you need to come to my workshops---no excuses now! ;)



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