Sunday, March 15, 2009

Junk Jewelry

I don't know who invented junk jewelry but I absolutely adore it!

So Saturday I printed off my Michael's 40% off coupon and my visiting cousin Marcia and I headed off to buy a silver chain for my neck and assorted-size jump rings that I'd need to make my necklace.

I saw a lot of things at the craft store that were cute, cute, cute but I knew I had some good junk at home too.

It was so easy. I cut the chain to size, added a clasp, and went to work hanging my stuff. Aiming for a balanced look, I made this child's china pitcher my centerpiece.

I love it. I think I'll wear it to the blogger's party March 29 at Warrenton. Come to the party and see my necklace!

Can't wait to make another one. Junk jewelry, anyone?


  1. I Love It!! Hmmm..I'm thinking I need one!


  2. Well look at you, Miss Smarty Pants! We won't go into how much I love junk jewelry...not enough space on commet form.
    I'll be looking for you in that fab necklace at the blogger party!

  3. It turned out great, I always get all the stuff and hate how turns out for me, I guess I will just give you the stuff, and you can do it..

  4. Pretty cute and creative! I love junk, too! I'll bet that was fun to create! Have a great week in Texas while we here in Oregon get drenched with rain this week.

  5. I took a bunch of my old earrings from the 80's. You know the big gold chunky ones and put them on a big chunky gold chain. They made such a cute statement piece. My favorite though is an old 3 strand pearl necklace I found at a thrift store and a big rhinestone brooch. I pin the brooch on the pearls at the clip. Then turn the necklace where the brooch and the pin hand just at my neck line.

  6. I was gonna call you Ms. Smarty Pants, but I read Trash Talk's comment and she called you Ms. Smarty Pants! I guess that proves two things:
    1.) Great minds think alike 2.) You are indeed Ms. Smarty Pants!

    I adore your necklace! My favorite charm is the little china pitcher! How clever! Can't wait to see it on you at the parteeee!


  7. You go girl! I am so proud of you need to come to my workshops---no excuses now! ;)



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