Friday, March 6, 2009

Dallas-style gun holsters!

Big, bouffy Dallas hair is not a myth. It’s a fact, although no one knows why or how it started.

But in 1991, when the Killeen Luby’s Restaurant rampage turned family dining into one of the deadliest shooting massacres in American history, Texas women realized that Dallas hair was a great place to hide a gun.

Hairdressers started building styles even higher and wider to accommodate newly-bought firearms. Taking Dallas hair into consideration, Texas lawmakers passed a concealed carry law making it legal to hide a gun on your body or in your purse.

The fad of big hair faded slightly as our memories of that terrible day dimmed, but with the recent threat on our Second Amendment right to bear arms, Texans have taken a new interest in buying and carrying firearms.

Once again, Dallas hair is making a comeback and men are changing the look of their summer wardrobes. Ya see, it ain’t easy hiding a Glock in your shorts.

So I offer the following hints to criminals on whether or not their "victims" are carrying.

~ Is that lean, in-shape dude wearing baggy jeans that AREN’T showing his underwear?

~ Is that man's shirt untucked and hanging out around his hips but he has no beer belly to hide?

~ Does her big purse with easy-access not co-ordinate with her outfit?

~ Does the right side of his Dockers hang lower than the left and he can't keep from playing with something in his pocket?

~ Is her hair Dallas big?


  1. I am going to be suspicious of every big haired lady ow.. thank goodness the 80's are over! lol! Jen

  2. Cher, this may surprise you...since I am a leftie, pinko...but I own guns...and will use them if necessary! Can't hide any of em in my hair, but its a thought! The video was funny! The credits were a hoot! However, that dude made a mistake when making his video...what criminal worth his salt has a clean white couch? Please!


  3. A humorous way to address a serious threat to our freedom! Although she still doesn't have big hair, this lady is familiar with the Luby's shooting and knows what the 2nd Ammendment is really all about. Nice post!

  4. guess what fits in my amazing stunt bra besides my cell phone and my lipstick?

  5. This guy should start a violent offenders union.

    You can start a campaign to arm America one big hairdo at a time. Aquanet stocks would soar.



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