Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boot scootin' corn holders!

OK, it's too early for corn but I bought these shiny cob holders at a garage sale this weekend and I thought how darling they'd look on a block of party cheese...but I didn't have one of those to show you.

Then I thought how cute they'd look on a cake...but I didn't have a cake either.

I did have an orange, though!


  1. I thought they were minature Texas lawn aerators. I've never been a fan of the corn holder. Anyone who can't hold the cob with their bare hands should probably just buy their corn off the cob.

  2. Those are cute. I went to a party one time where the lady had matching corn holders and plates. they were shaped like... corn.

  3. Those are definitely cute!


  4. Only you would find boot shaped corn holders and at a garage sale to "boot"! Debbie

  5. Whatever! I know what you are up to! You poked all those holes in that orange so you can fill it full of vodka before you eat it! Corn holders! Right!


  6. I love!.....your corn holders.


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