Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fickle Finger of Fate!
Working Saturday mornings just chaps my aging, sagging you-know-what.

God meant Saturday mornings to be reserved for garage sales and Sunday mornings for church, with the other five days of the week loaded down with the unending effort of paying our mortgages and supporting our part of the stimulus package payback.

But my boss Joy, who obviously doesn't read the same Bible I do, firmly believes I should work one Saturday morning a month. Don't get me wrong. I love our clients. And let's face it, I work in a heated pool all morning long so how hard could this type of work be. It's the missing of garage sales I'm objecting to here!

So yesterday was my designated Saturday morning. As you can see, it was so early when I went to work that this usually busy street was completely empty. Well, empty except for that little black thing in the turn lane.

My black-because-I-have-to-work-Saturday-morning mood jumped to the conclusion that there was a snake in the middle of the road. Its head was up, ready to strike out at cars not letting it cross the road to get to the chicken who had apparently gone before it.

Curious, I slowed down to see what type of snake it was, if it was injured, and if I'd have to call IT Guy to put it out of its misery. We happen to like snakes. They do a lot of good keeping rodent population down and are so misunderstood. And they are not slimy as you were led to believe as a child.

Lo and behold, it was the worst kind of snake, the black with gold stripes Fickle Finger of Fate snake, mocking me for having to work on Saturday morning.

Dang college kids!


  1. Cher, you crack me up! I was always terrified of the snakes there! Y'all have poisonous ones in the south! I would always run at Lake Bryan but have to worry about rattlesnakes and some huge black poisonous water snake (nearly stepped on both at one time or another!) I still shutter when I think about it!

  2. It might have been the road saying you are #1.

  3. LOL!!! You're a such a hoot! Thanks for the laugh this morning. ~Lisa

  4. Oh Cher, I truly laughed out loud and I needed to laugh today!!!!

    Thank you.

  5. Now who else would be out photographing animal pancakes early on a Saturday morning? Turned out to be what was left of a hitchhiker...hiking with his middle finger...thus becoming a mere greasy spot in the road!


  6. Got to love those one finger waves! My friend called me once and told me there was a dead Monkey in the road by her house please come see, she couldn't go look at it, and with my medical training I was the first she thought of [how touching!] I went to help her out! It was a dead racoon! it was pretty messed up but I figured that out pretty quickly, she was a yankee need I say more...

  7. That is too funny! Thanks for giving me a good laugh today. I needed it!!

  8. A frown turned into a smile......thanks for making my day! You are too funny, girl. You had me convinced that the black thing in the middle of the road was a snake and I almost didn't keep reading because I don't like snakes! But I did. To my surprise...a glove with an attitude! I laughed out loud upstairs alone.

  9. Laughing...your story reminded me of an evening walk with my daughter when we were in Florida. We were walking by a pond in the middle of my parents condo complex around 8pm when I swore I saw an alligator in the pond. I screamed...grabbed her hand...and ran like no tomorrow! The next morning we walked by the pond only to find a huge pipe sticking out of the pond. My daughter still loves to rib me on that one.

  10. OMG...I am laughing so hard, I almost peed in my big girl panties! This is HYSTERICAL!!!!


  11. Yes, it was the fickle finger of fate and if your not careful the bird of paradise will fly up your nose.

  12. Last was hilarious (hope I spelled that right!) Thanks for the laugh!!! Hugzzz...Tiina...

  13. I found your blog starting at Vintage Antiques and surfing.
    This story was great! I just KNEW it was going to be "red and yella' kill a fella'" snake (I never can remember then name of that snake), but, not it was a glove - cracked me up!!
    I hope you picked it up and dropped it in one of your boss' desk drawers or locker or somewhere to get 'er!

    Nice finding another Texas blog - I live in the Hill Country. Check me out if you've got a minute.

    I've enjoyed your blog,


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