Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Totally Tasteless Tuesday

Undies built for two!

You know you want these!
And if you don't, you know a couple who probably already wears them!


  1. I hope these are flame retardant. I keep reading something about a spontaneously combusting chocha.

  2. Do these come in different size butts?


  3. I don't know what chocha is. But, these look like fun! Maybe a fire hydrant could be kept on hand. ~Mindy

  4. Gives a whole new meaning to "joined at the hip"! Tn'T

  5. These better come in Extra Huge for Lurch and me...of course, his butt is on the level with my boobs so guess they need to be Extra Tall too!


  6. Whoo hooo! Something fun for date night!

  7. Where did you find THIS?? I know you frequent
    old-age homes....

  8. Char dear, I love the name of this post! As for the undies... well who knows... I don't think I know anyone who wears them :D I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear. I have been reading and catching up. I am sorry to hear your posting your last shuffle chapter. I am off to read the posts dear. I will miss them too!

  9. Sorry Cher dear, wrong name, Please forgive me dear!! I am off in my own world today. I took a fall (in the tub) messed up my wrist and elbow... living on darvaset!! Boy... how I think I am not sure! Please forgive this nutcase!
    I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear.
    Debi xo


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