Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Livin' and lovin' the cowboy way!

The invitation read:

Go hitch up your horses and feed 'em some hay and sit yourself by me as long as you'll stay.

Bubba and Shirley celebrated their 5oth wedding anniversary in the manner they've lived their lives - cowboy style! And they invited 200+ of their closest friends to help them party.

My mouth started watering the minute I opened the invitation. Ya see, Bubba's a cook. A western cook.

If it used to walk on all fours or sit on a post, Bubba barbecues it!

If it grew in the ground or hung from a tree, Bubba adds it to a stew or uses it for trimmings.

And if your name is Shirley, Bubba loves you all his life and then some. And vice versa. This couple has country lovin' smeared all over 'em, even after fifty years of marriage, four children, numerous grandchildren, tough times, and a trail of happiness.

One of these big ol' pots held what Bubba calls Cowboy Stew. The other, Cowboy Chili. If you don't recognize what's in it, ya just keep eating anyway because if you don't, you won't get in line fast enough for seconds. It's dern good!

Here's Bubba and Shirley now, dancing away at their own celebration.

And here's Shirley with her wedding dress.

Shade was at the party. If you're following my on-line novel SHUFFLE, you'll recognize the back of his head. He didn't want me to photograph his face.

"All those ladies out there might just quit readin' if they knew what I really looked like," he told me. "Let 'em think I'm still as young and purty and sexy as you tell 'em I am, Texas Woman."

He asked what chapter we were on and when I told him, he said, "Oooo-eey, the fun's just startin'!"

If you've broken the law, you might recognize one of these white hats.

There were a few black hats there too...

And fancy cowboy boots...

And workin' cowboy boots...

Decorative cowboy boots...

Little cowboys...

Tired cowboys...

And dancing cowboys.

It was a fine Texas party!

What do 50th anniversary parties look like where you live?


  1. I get turned on by stories of old couples who are still in love. And I could go for some of that country dancin' for sure. Looks like an awesome time! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ours are exactly like that...minus the boots, hats, and starched jeans! :)

  3. I don't think anniversary parties are quite so much fun in NY...No Chili here! That one really fain-cy pair of boots are quite incredible. I like em. FringeMan loves cowboy boots. It's all he wore growin-up. I think I'll have to get him a fain-cy pair for his birthday or something.

    Love the picture of your friend with her wedding great is that?

    Glad you had fun and Happy 50th to your dear friends.

  4. A lot of buckle rubbing going on I see. Looks like a heck of a Texas throw down. Yee Haw!!! Congratulations to the lovely couple. Heck, 5 isn't easy nowdays so 50 is remarkable. Tn'T

  5. I absolutely love this post! Love just rocks on so many levels. And to have maintained it for 50 years is admirable beyond words. Thanks for sharing this with words and photos, Cher. You rock, too! ~Mindy

  6. and a nice time was had by all... and it shows! Every year is a success, but 50, that demands a party! ~PJ great photos, Cher

  7. What a fun party! Shirley's wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous! Your post is a wonderful tribute to their love for each other.

    Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  8. Very creative, Cher. (Yet again.)
    Can you take this blogthing commercial?
    Yeah, I know. Then it would become work.

  9. Now, THAT was a great post! Your words describing Bubba's cooking and Bubba and Shirley's 50 year love affair were so touching! Then all the great photos with cute captions. I don't think I know a soul there, but I enjoyed this post so much! Cher, we don't want to see Shade's face...if you know what I mean!!!

    Here's to Another 50, Bubba and Shirley!


  10. Unfortunately I don't know many who have made it 50 years, God Bless those that do! I loved your photos they remind me when I was livin just a little bit further out in the country. Thanks for making me smile.


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