Sunday, January 11, 2009

Killer Pink ain't my lipstick color!

It was a glimpse of pink where pink didn't belong.

I walked around the counter to get a better look.

I can't say I was shocked. After all, I live in Texas. Even our guns own guns! I'd just never seen a pink one before.

But there it was, standing on its cute little pink butt with all its brown and black cousins.

A pink Keystone Sporting Arms .22 rifle!

Apparently they were pretty popular as Christmas presents. At least I wouldn't place it under a tree and never find it again like I would a camouflaged gun.

Of course, I'd be too embarrassed to carry a pink one.
I'd have to hire an Aggie to do that!


  1. Oh, my, Gosh! My granddaughter got one of those for Christmas...only hers is really and the wood grained combined. She is 5 and has already been hunting more than some grown folk! I will post a pic for you!


  2. Wood grained? All I can say is that it is 8:30 in the morning...and my brain ain't working yet!


  3. Wow, that's a fain-cy gun. If I were going to have my own fire-arm, I think it would need to be pretty. You should get one of these and hang it over your doorframe.

  4. Too funny!!!! It's not made for any stealth operations, is it?

  5. I'd be forced to put polka dots on it. Now I may have to paint my BB gun. That made my day! Have you seen the hammers with the flowers painted on? Too funny. Whatever floats your boat...

  6. The gun looks teeny, or is that Aggie
    just a really healthy specimen?


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