Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a scavenger hunt!

ave you ever been on a scavenger hunt? They were fun, weren't they? Running around in the dark with your friends. Going to strange houses to find stupid stuff such as turkey feathers, black nail polish, and empty eggnog bottles.

But enough about last week! Come with me on a short scavenger hunt right now. Our "find" list is short and I promise you'll enjoy it.

First, we're going to YouTube to find a Bluegrass Gospel song written and sung by my friend Larry Farmer. Just click on this link. Be sure to leave a comment so he knows you've been there.

Aren't you glad you went? I knew he was a singer but I'm blown away by his sound and the words he's written.

Next, we're going to find the Star Trails in the photo above. Oh, sure. You think you've seen star trails before but until you've seen this book by my friend Steven Walenta, you haven't seen anything. There's no comments to leave here but the book would make a great yourself or to someone else you love.

Two different artists, two different talents, two good friends!


  1. The FringeKids gave Larry Farmer two thumbs up on his music. They enjoyed the pictures too!

    Thanks for sharing a few good links.

  2. A scavenger hunt! I love scavenger hunts! I'm ready...let's go...


  3. Okay. That was fun!

    I enjoyed Larry Farmer's video...beautiful voice...and lots of photos of places I recognize!

    Walenta's book may have been a little over my head...but I sure love Santa Fe...I noticed that is where he lives!

    Thanks for sharing, Texas Woman!


  4. I used to love scavenger hunts!


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