Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beware! The end of the world is coming...tomorrow!

No, not the end of our world. I mean THE END of the wild, Texas Hold 'em world of T.R, Shade, Casey, Dante, and Runt.

After much consideration I've decided to publish the final chapters of SHUFFLE all at once on tomorrow's Texas Woman Blogspot and Texas Shuffle Blogspot. I just don't have the heart to break up the final action and believe me, there's plenty left. In fact, it has more twists than a rodeo bull.

I wrote SHUFFLE with my daughter Code Woman and the whole process was a hoot. Writing a book was on my bucket list, that inventory of things you want to do before you get too old to do them. Plus at the time, she and I had a lot of stress in our lives.

My mother had taken a serious fall and was living in a nursing home. My daughter had caught the heel of her cowboy boot (not kidding here) between the pipe step on her truck and the door frame. She broke her ankle FORWARD! She couldn't put any weight on it for six weeks after the operation so she was out of work and couldn't even drive. Code Woman does database coding for a major insurance company. It was a hard year and writing helped us get through it.

We based T.R.'s character on my daughter - except T.R. has my hair. Code Woman has lots of interesting friends and we used them to our advantage. Mother and her parrot actually came to my daughter's wedding reception. Casey, Shade, Dante, and Runt are all names of friends and relatives. My broom really did burst into flames after fighting a fire on a neighbor's farm. So many of the little details are true and it was fun working them into the storyline.

So set aside some time this weekend to finish SHUFFLE. If you enjoy it, leave us a comment. It's the only form of payment she and I will receive for many hours of work!


  1. I can't wait! I love Shuffle. You ladies are amazing and obviously have amazing lives.


  2. What cool thing to do! ANd what a great thing to have for later!

  3. Yippee-ki-yo-ay, get along little doggies!!! It's going to be cold here Sunday. Guess what I've got planned to do all afternoon. That's right-cover to cover. Tn'T

  4. Confession. I am behind. I think I'm on Ch 10 or 11...I started to catch up and then I got busy again. You know. I haven't given up. Just haven't gotten back after it. I'm so glad this will be up for me to catch up as I can. I am enjoying the humor and the intrigue. What a gift you have shared! Books aren't written on a whim. Y'all put together some great entertainment. Thank you for sharing it with me. (And thanks for the tip on Deb. Making reservations right now) ~Mindy

  5. I love this tale, because it has familiar names and places, used in the story line, I thought your broom burst into flames when you broke the sound barrier on it.

  6. Well I know what I'll be doing tomorrow at work. I have really enjoyed reading this Cher. Can't wait for tomorrow.

  7. I plan to pace myself through those chapters;
    I like the suspense.

    Pass the warning: don't feed your dogs raisins!

  8. Hey are thinking of self publishing this? I think you should! Can't wait for the ending.


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