Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our own little Texas FringeGirl!

Sally Sue Salesgirl is once again a healthy, happy dog.

This picture was taken earlier in December when Sally Sue was very, very sick. We brought her home from a three-day stay at the animal hospital and placed her bed by the couch. She stayed in it for days, receiving the attention and nursing she felt her situation deserved...and IT Guy and I felt she deserved it too.

Not to be confused with FringeGirl of The Domestic Fringe!

The bed stayed by the couch for another few days - just in case. Joey, our other fur child, started visiting the bed and, after settling in, would give us the most pathetic looks.

Finally we got the hint. We'd kneel down and give Joey lots of petting and baby talk, just as we had the sick Sally Sue. He'd bask in the attention for awhile, then continue to travel to his normal haunts - like sleeping atop the back of the sofa, running along the fence outside and guarding it from trespassers, and keeping squirrels in the treetops where they belong.

After awhile Joey would visit the home-hospital bed again, throwing us those same sad eyes. We'd give him his due and he'd be fine for several hours.

The situation got so bad I had to make a choice - either move the bed back to where it belonged or change his name to Camille.

I moved the bed.


  1. I am so glad Sally is back in the pink. I know how, I worried about Zoobie's allergy to the carpet freshner, before with the help of a vet tech, what was causing his cough.

  2. I am honored to share a name with one such Sally Sue. Sounds like Joey, Sally, and I all have something in common. We know how to be pathetic when sick and garner lots of attention. Glad Sally Sue is well again!
    -The other FringeGirl

  3. Texas Woman:

    I think the dogs were just trying to do an intervention. Play sick...get your mind off the know.

    Bless their hearts. Hope they are better...and you are sober!


  4. I'm so thankful that dawg is better and you're off the eggnog... you are, aren't you? Sally & JoJo are the best fur friends a person could have. ~PJ

  5. It's so easy to like someone who loves dogs. Tn'T


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