Thursday, December 11, 2008

From out of the December Darkness...

...a Christmas glow appears down the street. With green eyes staring our way, I can only assume it's a holiday monster looking for a meal of humbug or a Christmas tree that's escaped from a well-decorated living room!

The darkened windows, blackened wheel-wells, and colorful lights give the creature a mysterious air of combined holidays - spooky Halloween and joyful Christmas.

IT Guy and I caught up with the winter wonder at its lair, a secluded place right in plain sight. You can't see it in the daytime. It only comes to life after dark.

During the day, the luminous limousine is just the average, everyday, vintage Volkswagen pickup, driving its owner to work.

But at night, driving down city streets, it brings Christmas joy to all who see it.

And if you miss it when it's out for a drive, you can always catch it at home, still lit up in all its glory!

P.S. Thanks to the Rocket family for years of Christmas enjoyment!

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  1. The Rockets are rockin'! That is electrifying. Tn'T

  2. Now that's Christmas Spirit! It may be the coolest truck I've ever seen.

  3. This is freakin awesome! MERRY PEACE-MAS!

  4. Wow. Seeing this would put anyone in the holiday spirit. DId it snow where you were last night? I'm a newcomer to Houston so I am not sure where Bryan is... gulp!

  5. Hi -- I don't know much about copyrighting on the internet but I did put that disclaimer there, just so someone knows that it is there, and they ignored if it they take someone. A friend of mine sent me this a link, in case it's of help.

    One rule says --

    ***Don’t copy material just because it does not show a copyright message: the Copyright Law required a copyright notice to protect works until 1977. In 1978, however, the law changed and abolished the requirement for copyright notice. This means that every published work (be it on paper or digital media) automatically gets copyright protection, whether expressed with a notice or not.

    I don't think that above item is enough and want to post something to say it is my work only. If you google the issue, I bet a lot will come up.

    I think I found you thru a comment you made on a woman who lives in TX and wants to write... I just like the idea of mutual support!

  6. correction -- that was if they take some THING! lol

  7. Now that's spreading holiday spirit! Thanks for sharing the pics!


    another article of interest!

  9. The elk antlers are a nice finishing touch!

  10. I am so jealous! That baby needs to be at my ranchito in Terlingua! Too, too cool!


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